One Piece Chapter 571


Nami gets her hair done by a big crab.


The navy celebrates their hero Garp for standing in Luffy’s way. He makes it clear to Luffy that he is much more experienced than he is, and that he has been fighting pirates since before Luffy was born. He also provokes Luffy to take up the fight. Luffy attacks Garp, which is observed by Ace.

Review: Garp raises young Luffy with a hard fist so that he will later become the strongest man in the Navy.

Back in Marine Ford: Luffy wants to avoid the fight with his grandfather, but he attacks Luffy. The latter switches to Gear 2 and now attacks Garp. After a short flashback to Ace and Luffy’s past, Garp suddenly closes his eyes and breaks off his attack. Thus, he is knocked off the bridge and onto the ground by a strong punch from Luffy. The members of the Navy are stunned that their “hero” was defeated by a rookie.

Luffy has now advanced to the scaffold. At the same time, Whitebeard confronts Kizaru, but is pierced by him with a laser beam.

Luffy lands on the scaffold next to Sengoku and Ace. With the help of the key for Ace’s handcuffs, which he had gotten from Hancock, he now wants to free Ace. But before he can open the sea stone handcuffs, he is attacked by Sengoku using his devil power: He is a giant Daibutsu, a Buddha statue. Just as Luffy is about to open Ace’s handcuffs, the key is destroyed by Kizaru. At the same moment, Mr. 3 wakes up right next to Ace and Luffy. It turns out that Mr. 3 was disguised as one of the Executioners, but was then taken out by Luffy’s King Shaki. Sengoku then delivers an enormous punch. Luffy instructs Mr. 3 to protect Ace with his guard powers, at the same time Luffy switches to Gear 3 and deflects Sengoku’s blow with a Gigant Balloon. Under this tremendous force, the scaffold collapses. Mr. 3 now begins to make a new key out of wax using his devil power. The navy now shoots at the scaffold with all their firepower. Through Mr. 3’s key, Luffy is finally able to free Ace so that he can now use his devil powers again. The chapter ends with the pirates cheering and Whitebeard visibly relieved.

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