One Piece Chapter 570


Sanji competes with a fish to shoot at a target.


Grand Line, Marine Ford: After Luffy’s outburst, both enemies and allies are surprised. No one would have expected such inner strength in him, the King Shaki. Only Garp thinks to himself that he knew Luffy had it in him. Ace is shocked that Luffy has mastered it as well. Luffy, unaware of what he has just done, storms back towards the scaffold to free Ace. Vice Admiral Doberman orders his men to stay away from Luffy if they are weaklings. He no longer sees Luffy as an easy rookie. They must stop him at all costs, or he will become a dangerous opponent sooner or later.

Running forward with Luffy, Ivankov wants to know from Luffy where he got this power, but he doesn’t know what the revolutionary is talking about. Ivankov notices this and thinks to himself that it’s no wonder Luffy impresses people. He has in his blood the power of battle. Like Dragon, whose son Luffy is, after all.

Meanwhile, the marine tries to take Whitebeard down, but he simply wipes them away with a sweep of his naginata. He orders his men to put all their strength into protecting Luffy. He wants to see from Luffy what comes after his era, he wants to see the “will of the D”. Whitebeard’s men are surprised at his order, but when two soldiers attack Luffy, they are taken down by the New World captains. Luffy now has a formidable force around him. Ivankov wants to know how Luffy manages to increase his standing with Whitebeard. Luffy says he doesn’t know who the old man is, all he wants is to free Ace.

Hawkeye attacks Luffy, but Daz Bonez intercepts the cutting wave. He acts on Crocodile’s orders. It’s time to put a stop to the navy. Hawkeye recognizes Crocodile’s subordinate and is able to knock him out with just one more sword slash. He goes straight for a third strike that could take down Luffy as well as Bonez and Ivankov, but now Crocodile himself interferes in the fight. He warns Hawkeye to be careful if he doesn’t want to get squashed like an insect.

Meanwhile, Sentomaru is very upset with Boa Hancock for taking out so many Pacifista. He wants to know if she’s not on the side of the world government, for instance. She replies that love always equals a hurricane in a storm. Vegapunk’s bodyguard doesn’t understand the woman.

Ivankov disturbs Inazuma, who is hiding in his hair. He needs his help. Inazuma receives an order, which he immediately carries out: Using his devil power, he cuts a long piece out of the ground and throws it up to the scaffold, forming a bridge up to Ace. Luffy thanks Inazuma and immediately storms the bridge. Beaming with joy, he runs towards Ace. A cannonball fired at him is cut up by Vista just as Kizaru is cut up by Whitebeard trying to stop Luffy. The pirates are giddy with excitement that Luffy has almost made it when suddenly something appears on the bridge. It’s Garp, who doesn’t want to let Luffy pass.

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