One Piece Chapter 569


Usopp and an elephant, bundled up in winter clothes, walk through a snowy village.


Ace’s execution is about to be carried out. Luffy rushes off to stop them somehow, but Ivankov tells him again that his body needs urgent treatment, as he has already strained it far beyond its maximum.

Suddenly Koby appears, conflicted with himself as to whether he should fight Luffy or leave it alone. He decides to fight and wants to attack Luffy with the shave, but is knocked out by Luffy already while executing it.

After Koby the next obstacles are already waiting, two Pacifista. They also want to attack directly with their lasers, but they are stopped by Hancock. She puts herself between the cyborgs and Luffy, the robots recognize her as an ally and don’t fire. Luffy charges past Hancock and thanks her, at which point she blushes again. Iva is totally puzzled as to how Luffy and her know each other. She then attacks a PX.

Scene Change: Marco regenerates while running from Admiral Kizaru. However, he is caught by Onigumo and gets sea stone chains put on him, right after that he is riddled by Kizaru’s laser beams.

Another scene change: Admiral Aokiji is seen, who has completely frozen Jozu. Whitebeard’s crew and allies are totally shocked at their situation.

Whitebeard is attacked by several higher ranking marines, also hit, however this doesn’t seem to have much effect either as he flings them all away again with one attack. Whitebeard’s allies want to come to his aid, but he refuses. He declares that he cannot die before he knows what will become of his “sons”. Thereupon many of the remaining captains form a protective formation around him.

Sengoku then orders the immediate execution of Ace. All the captains cry out his name, with Whitebeard saying only that he realized he could not have prevented it. But suddenly there is a shout from Luffy, which with the Haoushoku causes many, and especially the two executioners, to collapse. Just as many, including Whitebeard, are astonished that Luffy has the haki of a tyrant.

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