One Piece Chapter 568


Zoro is on the hunt for a lion hiding in a field of sunflowers.


Akainu attacks Whitebeard and lands a direct hit, but the latter is unimpressed. Meanwhile, the soldiers are heard cheering Garp’s entry into the fight. Meanwhile, the captains of the New World and the rest of the pirates try to beat a path to the scaffold.

Flashback to Ace’s childhood: Ace asks the villagers about Gol D. Roger, who react anything but well to the question. He talks to Garp about the whereabouts of Luffy. Later, he doubts whether it was right for him to be born.

The captains continue to try to get closer to the scaffold. Ace is in tears as so many of his relatives and friends around him lay down their lives for him. Shortly after, Whitebeard collapses in pain. Akainu responds by saying that even he can’t get past the marks of age. Marco remarks that this is the moment everyone is most afraid of. At that moment, he is shot with lasers by Kizaru, which wound him in the stomach. Jozu also has to deal with an admiral, Aokiji. The latter is about to freeze his left arm. Meanwhile, Akainu is able to land another direct hit on Whitebeard.

Luffy asks Ivankov for another Tension Hormone treatment. Ivankov, however, says that such a procedure is too dangerous, as he is still suffering from Magellan’s poison and his wounds have not yet healed. He agrees in the end, even though he can’t show his face to Dragon anymore if something happens to Luffy.

The chapter ends with a huge scream from Luffy.

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