One Piece Chapter 567


Color Spread: The straw hats are dressed up as fruit to match their favorite colors.


Grand Line, Marine Ford: The pirates want to destroy the Marine headquarters and are pouring into Oris Square. Whitebeard warns his men to get out of his line of fire and lunges with his naginata. The Marine fears the coming attack, with which he has already taken out many soldiers moments ago. Before Whitebeard can attack, however, Admiral Aokiji freezes Whitebeard in place. However, Aokiji is aware that this does not mean victory in any way, as he cannot freeze vibrations that Whitebeard can generate thanks to his Devil Fruit. So it comes to pass that Whitebeard is able to quickly break free from his icy stupor. He then pierces Aokiji with his naginata. The pirates seeing this are gleefully shocked, thinking Whitebeard used Haki and Aokiji is now dead. But the latter is still alive and wants to attack Whitebeard with ice daggers, which is prevented at the last second by Jozu, who rams the ice man away with his shoulder. Jozu orders Whitebeard to leave. Now Jozu and the bleeding Logia Devil Fruit user face each other.

Meanwhile, Luffy gets closer and closer to Ace, but is stopped by two Vice Admirals, including Momonga. Momonga slashes Luffy with his sword. Luffy switches to Gear 2, but the second Vice Admiral, wearing a dog mask, attacks the rubber man with Shigan. Luffy falls and struggles to scramble to his knees, but there is no time for him to recover. Admiral Kizaru fires two lasers right through Luffy.

Kizaru informs the downed man that no matter how hard he tries, he can’t save anyone if he lacks the strength to do so. He then kicks Luffy away with tremendous speed. Whitebeard catches Luffy. Kizaru wants to humiliate Whitebeard for putting up with such a weak person as Luffy, but the man with the white mustache is unimpressed.

Meanwhile, Jinbe and Ivankov, who are on the wall, have spotted Luffy. Ivankov is furious and says that he knew this would happen to Luffy. He is recognized as an officer of the Revolutionaries. Luffy recognizes Ivankov, but he only wants to see Ace, which he announces to Whitebeard. However, he simply throws the boy to his doctors; they are to take care of him. But Luffy just yells at the pirates that he wants to save Ace, his only brother in the whole world. However, when he takes even a single step, he keels over. Jinbe asks the doctor to save Luffy’s life. Whitebeard says of Luffy that he is a simple-minded young fellow. And that he likes people like that. After Jinbe makes sure the doctor is taking good care of Luffy, he decides for himself that this is where he will lay down his life.

Whitebeard then sets out to attack again, this time being stopped by the last admiral, Akainu. Akainu demands that Whitebeard stop, or the entire island will be destroyed. Whitebeard laughs at him and tells him to stop. Akainu attacks with a massive magma fist.

The fighting continues and Marco decides to take care of Ace and goes to fly over to him, but is stopped by an iron fist. Garp’s fist that forces him to the ground. Sengoku is furious that Garp just made the first move, but he doesn’t care. The people in Oris Square seem to have watched Garp’s punch in awe, calling it “legendary”. Garp sits down in the middle of the three admiral’s chairs and proclaims that anyone who wants to free Ace must first kill him.

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