One Piece Chapter 565


Brook has a zebra in jeans and sunglasses paint him white stripes. The surroundings are also painted black and white. Probably on the Grand Line stripes are currently fully in fashion.


Grand Line, Sabaody Archipelago: Marine Ford’s transmission is interrupted, people want it to continue. A marine explains that there must be something wrong with the Den-den Mushis. The crowd puzzles over whether Whitebeard really made a deal with the Navy to save Ace from imminent execution.

The Supernovae (excluding Luffy and Zoro, of course) have also been watching the transmission. They are shocked at the development in Marine Ford, but do not believe Whitebeard is such a devious schemer. Since the transmission is cut off, they decide to set sail.

Marine Ford: Admiral Akainu fires fists of lava at the pirates trapped in the Bay, melting the ice beneath their feet and boiling the water. The Moby Dick, the proud flagship of the Whitebeard gang, falls victim to the rain of lava. Marco and Whitebeard’s thoughts are with her as they bid her farewell. The pirates are in complete panic and try to destroy the ramparts, but nothing succeeds; the walls remain steadfast. Then the navy begins to fire cannons at the bay. Even Whitebeard’s attempt to destroy the walls with his devil power fails miserably.

Sengoku is extremely pleased with the way the battle is going. He orders Ace’s execution to be carried out. When the pirates hear this, they go into a frenzy. They want to advance to the square over the back of Little Oars Jr, who has not had part of the walls raised, knowing full well that the navy will be waiting for them there.

Ivankov and Jinbe look for Luffy, who was with them a moment ago. They discover him also advancing over Oars’s back towards the plaza, but is caught in mid-jump by a cannonball. Ivankov yells at Luffy that this is all a trap, but Luffy doesn’t see it, he wants to do something to save Ace. Jinbe has a suggestion on how to get one of them over the wall. Luffy wants to be the one to go.

Meanwhile, the soldiers who are on Oars’s back holding back the pirates face a big problem: Little Oars Jr. is still alive and struggling to get up. Kizaru finally tries to end things with a laser beam through Oars’s head, but he’s deflected by a jet of water that winds its way over the wall. It is Luffy who now faces the three admirals, Akainu, Kizaru, and Aokiji, armed only with a piece of pole. He also attacks the three admirals directly with the weapon he brought, but Aokiji freezes the pole. Luffy stomps on the frozen mast with a Stamp Gatling. The pieces pierce the admirals.

Meanwhile, Whitebeard says that Luffy is like his older brother Ace. He then calls out to Little Oars Jr. that he needs his help. To Jozu, he says that it is now time for their trump card. He orders his men to get ready to storm the place.


Since Chapter 0 appeared in the same issue, this chapter has been moved to the 12th position in the TOC.

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