One Piece Chapter 564


Franky, covered by a blanket, is eating tangerines together with a large hermit crab. On his back is a book, on which in turn are two cannons and the bowl of tangerines.


Marine Ford: Whitebeard begins his offensive. He charges toward the scaffold with the pirates of the New World. Vice Admiral John Giant stands in his way. Whitebeard uses his devil’s power to trigger earthquakes that grip the entire island and threaten to break it apart. He then sends a shockwave to the chest of the attacking Vice Admiral. He visibly collapses, spitting blood.

Sengoku is putting pressure on his subordinates and wants to know why the defensive wall has not gone up yet.

Meanwhile, Squard is bitterly disappointed in himself. He can’t believe that the Navy has hoodwinked him so badly. Marco then asks him if he wants to support Whitebeard by feeling sorry for himself. Surprisingly, the pirates are angry with Squard not because he ran Whitebeard through with his sword, but because he let the navy dissuade him from his belief in Whitebeard. They blame the navy alone for what happened.

Luffy has reached the harbour wall. He is about to fling himself up when the defensive wall goes up and flings him back. Around the entire bay, sections of the wall, several feet of thick steel, now mounted with cannons, now ride up and surround the pirates. The pirates’ weapons have no effect. Only in one place could the wall not ride up: Little Oars Jr.’s body is too heavy for the wall to lift. Also, his blood seems to be interfering with the system.

Whitebeard had also let off an attack on the scaffold, but it is wiped away by the three admirals, Kizaru, Aokiji, and Akainu. There is a brief conversation between the three. Aokiji thinks that the ice was too thick, which is why the defensive walls couldn’t get out of the water fast enough. Akainu says that, yes, that would be entirely Aokiji’s fault. Kizaru defends Aokiji and tells Akainu that he could just melt the ice.

Sengoku gives Akainu the order to strike out. Akainu then rains down several small meteors, shaped into fists, on the frozen bay. Luffy, Jinbe, Ivankov, and everyone else can practically see the ice melting beneath their feet, and there seems to be no way out.

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