One Piece Chapter 563


Chopper sits on a branch and eats cotton candy. He also shares this with some birds that are also sitting on the branch. Maybe the birds are stealing from Chopper too, it’s not quite clear. In the background there is a beautiful rainbow.


Marine Ford, Whitebeard’s Alliance vs Marine & 7 Samurai: Reactions to Squard’s attack on Whitebeard are divided. While the members of the Whitebeard gang are horrified, the navy members are delighted. People on the Sabaody Archipelago are also shocked.

Marco reacts first and nails Squard with his head on the floor. He wants to know why he did this. Squard reports that he met with the Navy. They told him that Whitebeard, his gang, and even Ace will be left alive in exchange for him turning over the 43 pirate gangs of the New World to them. These, of course, hear this accusation and pause in their fighting.

Squard goes on to report that he did not know that Ace was the son of Gol D. Roger. Squard states that he hates Roger because Roger once killed his entire crew in battle. For this reason, he also hates Ace. He feels humiliated by Whitebeard for not telling him about Ace’s origins and instead letting them become friends. As proof that Whitebeard has betrayed his allies, he sees that the Pacifista only attack the allied pirates, but no one from Whitebeard’s crew. The pirates are horrified and want to know if what Squard tells them is true.

Squard is willing to die for his attack on Whitebeard by this one. He is surprised to be able to hurt him at all anyway. However, Whitebeard just tells him that he has been tricked. At that moment, Sengoku calls Aokiji. The freezes Buggy, the Impel Down escapes, and the camera, causing the transmission to break down. He then orders the siege walls to go up.

Meanwhile, Crocodile is upset that Whitebeard let himself be stabbed so easily when he (Crocodile) once lost to him. He can’t face losing to a weakling. Marco agrees with him in his mind. Normally, Whitebeard himself would have been able to fend off a friend’s unexpected attack. But his health is getting worse, especially since he’s off the drip.

Whitebeard calls Squard his stupid boy. But he takes him in his arms and tells him that he still loves him despite his stupidity. The latter still believes in Whitebeard’s treachery. But the latter wants to know who tore the heart of one of his most loyal allies into darkness. It was Akainu who told Squard that he is against the plan and that it is actually Whitebeard who should die. If Squard eliminated Whitebeard, the admiral would ensure that his crew would be allowed to leave Marine Ford unscathed.

Whitebeard knew about how much Squard hated Roger, but he couldn’t tell him that Ace was Roger’s son, because what can the son do for his father’s actions. He wants Squard and Ace to be friends. Because they are all his family. Squard is on the verge of tears because of his stupidity and the realization of doubting Whitebeard.

Whitebeard tells Sengoku that he (Sengoku) still has it in him and that he (Whitebeard) could never or would never sell his children. He destroys the frozen waves with his devil power, giving the pirates an escape route. Whitebeard then addresses all the pirates: If they called themselves pirates, then they could choose for themselves what they believed. Thereupon, doubts about Whitebeard’s treachery are erased from all the pirates. Whitebeard thinks of Crocodile’s words. Weak? He is also just a man with a heart. He could be called a demon or a monster, but he could not be the strongest man in the world forever. He wonders if preserving a young life is not enough.

He shouts to his men that those who want to follow him must be prepared to lose their lives. The pirates seem to be motivated again and want to put their lives in Whitebeard’s hands. Whitebeard attacks.

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