One Piece Chapter 562


Nico Robin is walking with shopping bags. Behind her follows a large family of ducks. They all look very happy, like in a picture book family.


Marine Ford, Summit Battle: The viewers on TV are confused when they see the Pacifista army. They all think they are the Samurai Bartholomew Kuma and wonder why there are so many now. However, the pirates seem to know more, they talk about rumors of human weapons, but they also wonder why they all look like Bear.

Sentomaru, meanwhile, isn’t too thrilled about being called in with his task force, even though the pirates haven’t been surrounded in the harbor. The pirates, meanwhile, have realized that Whitebeard’s order to attack the battleships means that they are now not completely surrounded. Sengoku is less than pleased about this, but still gives the order to attack. Sentomaru explicitly asks again if they should attack even despite the battleships, to which Kizaru replies in the affirmative with the caveat that they shouldn’t destroy too many.

Sentomaru gives the order to launch and attack the Pacifista with lasers. Whitebeard responds and gives the order to attack the platform and not engage with the Pacifista. Sengoku in turn gives the order to not let the pirates get near the platform under any circumstances.

The television transmissions will cease as Sengoku has ordered. Once all transmissions have ceased, the execution can begin.

Meanwhile, Luffy continues to try to get to Ace, but is stopped by Kizaru and thrown back. Jinbe is able to catch him and says that Luffy knew from the beginning that the opponents were very strong. But Luffy doesn’t have to worry about the admiral any further, as some of Whitebeard’s commanders want to take care of the sparkle man. The latter finds this very amusing.

Moria fights with the commander of Whitebeard’s 10th Division, while Hawkeye and Vista decide to break up their fight because of the oncoming Pacifista.

Sengoku inquires if the transmissions have stopped. Only one camera is still running, Buggy and the other former inmates of the Impel Down are advertising Buggy until they are prevented from doing so by explosions.

At Whitebeard’s house, the New World Captain Squard, whom he had tried to reach earlier, shows up. Squard reports that the Navy would come at them from anywhere and fight them tooth and nail. He says they all have a great debt to bear for putting their lives in Whitebeard’s hands. He draws his sword and rams it through the surprised Whitebeard’s chest.

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