One Piece Chapter 561


Luffy hangs upside down from a palm tree and eats a banana. He gives the rest of the bunch to a monkey with a broken arm. In the background, more monkeys dance with banana stalks in their hands.


Marine Ford, Whitebeard’s Alliance vs Marine & 7 Samurai: Luffy sees no time for a fight against an opponent as strong as Dracule Mihawk and disappears right in front of the swordsman. With a glance, Falcon’s Eye catches Luffy’s new position and sends a sword slash through the struggling crowd at the straw hat. Hit, Luffy goes down and has to dodge Dracule Mihawk’s next attack. Two Newkamas, who have lost to Hawkeye before they were trannies, want to help Luffy and get in the way of the samurai, who knocks them out with a sword slash. Enraged, Luffy goes for a gum-gum jet bazooka, but an intuition causes him to abort the blow. Had he executed it, his arm would have been severed. Hawkeye wonders at the apparent calm Luffy exudes and swings the Black Sword. With difficulty, the straw hat is able to lean backwards to avoid the blow. The force of the attack sabers one of the frozen tsunami waves falling on naval vessels.

Doflamingo is on Jozu’s back, still stuck in the same position. Crocodile finds it arrogant that Flamingo is putting himself on the same level as him. He flings Flamingo and Jozu out of his view with Sables, and Buggy is also swept away by the sand tornado.

Luffy has to fight off the attacks of Hawkeye, who drives him further and further away from Ace. In the sandstorm, Luffy sees Buggy flying and pulls him in front of him with the gum-gum jet substitute. Buggy’s stomach is cut by a blow from Hawkeye, and he yells at Luffy. The latter simply throws him at Hawkeye with the Gomu Gomu no Migawari, which slices him. Reassembled, Buggy throws a special magic bullet at Dracule Mihawk, who bounces the bomb back with the Black Sword. Luffy thanks Buggy and never wants him to forget it. The fight is not over for Dracule Mihawk, but as he is about to attack Luffy, Marco calls out to Vista to help Luffy. With his two swords, the commander of the 5th division of the Whitebeard gang, Sword Flower Vista, stops the attack of the Samurai of the Seas Dracule Mihawk. The latter knows Vista and thinks he would be foolish not to. Hawkeye considers Luffy’s ability to turn the people he meets into allies to be the most dangerous ability on all the seas.

The execution approaches. Terrifying news has come to light. A mass breakout of over 200 inmates from the maximum security prison Impel Down, suddenly appeared at the battlefield. A battle has begun that will change the course of history. People all over the world are watching in rapt attention as their futures are decided.

Marine Ford: Sengoku is reported to have completed all preparations. Sengoku orders the transmission to cease. The Navy cannot afford to have the public lose faith in them. There is no need to show the world the following tragedy. When the end of the battle is announced in a few hours, only the word ‘victory’ will count. 1.5 hours after the start of the battle, Sentomaru and a number of Pacifista appear at the entrance to the bay. They will have a decisive influence on the outcome of the battle, which has entered its final phase.

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