One Piece Chapter 560


Zoro’s annoying “Where the heck are they?!”, Part 2 – A sneaking shadow.
Zoro and Perona move away from the tombstone while someone with a sword waits for Zoro.


Marine Ford, Whitebeard’s Alliance vs Marine & 7 Samurai: Boa Hancock gives Luffy the key to Ace’s handcuffs. She was sure Luffy would make it to Marine Ford. Overjoyed, Luffy hugs Hancock, thanks her, and charges on toward Ace. Love-struck, Hancock goes down, which the marines misinterpret and believe she was defeated by Luffy. Hancock wonders if that’s what they call married when Luffy hugged her. Smoker goes to stop the fleeing Luffy, Hancock jumps in between and breaks Smoker’s jitte with Perfume Femur. She wants to stop Smoker from pursuing her, who threatens her with serious consequences after the fight at Marine HQ.

Ivankov asks Doflamingo what he means by Bartholomew Kuma being dead already when he is standing right in front of him. At that moment, Luffy also comes running and asks Ivankov if he knows him, since he recognizes him as the person from the Sabaody Archipelago. Laughing, Flamingo explains that Dr. Vegapunk just made the final modifications to Bear and he is now the perfect armed human. It would be more accurate to call him the former Bartholomew Kuma. He had volunteered to be a test subject for the world government. They started with his hands, then his legs, piece by piece he was rebuilt. Ivankov doesn’t believe Flamingo because the bear he knew hated the World Government and would never have volunteered. Flamingo doesn’t care about Ivankov’s ranting. He didn’t know the deal between Bear and the World Government. Until a few days ago, Bartholomew Kuma still had his personality, but now he had no memory of his life. He has become a monster who only listens to the orders of the government. Bear is now Pacifista PX-0, using a laser beam to fire at Ivankov and Luffy. Both are thrown away by the blast and Bear grabs the Newkamas with his pad cannon. Seeing his comrades in danger, Ivankov attacks with Galaxy Wink and follows up with a kick. He doesn’t care if Bear has lost his memory, if he has forgotten the fear of Ivankov, he will beat it back into his body. Along with the Newkamas, he attacks PX-0, allowing Luffy to run on.

Buggy has come up with a plan to make his name known. Supported by the refugees of the Impel Downs and Galdino he storms off.

Crocodile and Mister 1 fight their way through pirates of the Whitebeard gang to get to Whitebeard himself. With a sables, Crocodile disposes of the pirates standing in his way. Too late he notices Jozu charging in from behind, who hits him in the face with a Brilliant Punk, even though Crocodile is a Logia user. The latter is thrown away by the force of the blow and lands on Flamingo. Jozu sets after him and goes to strike with Diamond Jaws when Flamingo is on his back and he remains motionless. Crocodile warns Flamingo not to get in his way, but he just smiles and replies that the two should team up. Meanwhile, Luffy continues to run right at Hawkeye, who draws his Black Sword and apologizes to Shanks in his mind. He won’t hold back and attacks Luffy with all his might.

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