One Piece Chapter 559


Zoro’s annoying “Where the heck are they?!”, Part 1 – The giant tombstone on the edge of the ruins.
Zoro is wrapped in bandages and discovers a giant tombstone in the shape of a cross on the edge of the ruins. Perona has accompanied him and is hovering over the tombstone.


Grand Line, Marine Ford, Whitebeard’s Alliance vs Marine & 7 Samurai: Ace is on the scaffold. He will no longer try to stop his Nakamas or Luffy from saving him, but will either accept his rescue or the sentence of the executioners. Cannons are fired at the onrushing pirates. Luffy, Ivankov and Jinbe fight their way through a group of naval officers.

Marine Ford, Moby Dick: The escaped prisoners from Impel Down stand in front of Whitebeard’s ship and demand that their ‘Captain’ Buggy take Whitebeard’s head, lest he give the Straw Hat all the glory. He agrees with them, but knows he can do nothing against the assembled naval heavyweights and the Whitebeard gang. At this moment Whitebeard approaches the ‘red nose’ who he recognizes as one of Roger’s crew. Buggy is sure to die now at Whitebeard’s hands, but his fellow crew members are impressed that Buggy is talking normally to the old man. The latter wants to know if Buggy is after his head with the prisoners. Amid cheers from his comrades, he warns Whitebeard to prepare for the attack. Undeterred, the old man replies that he doesn’t care if Buggy comes for his head, but wants to know what Buggy plans to do with the navy afterward because he can’t stand up to their force. Whitebeard offers him an alliance, first take on the navy together and then Buggy can take care of him. Without thinking twice, Buggy goes along with the proposal and joins Whitebeard with the prisoners, who see their captain on equal footing with Whitebeard. Marco marvels at how primitive Buggy is and Whitebeard tells him that he doesn’t care about ‘Red Nose’, but the prisoners could be a problem if they don’t fight on their side.

Using a Den-den Mushi, Whitebeard contacts Squard, however a pirate from the bay reports that Captain Squard is not with them. Whitebeard then speaks to the Decalvan brothers, who are to take command of the pirate gangs. The gangs spread out to the right and left of the Moby Dick and begin bombarding the naval ships. Grand Admiral Sengoku gets the report on the re-division of the Whitebeard Alliance, but can see it for himself from the scaffold. Garp thinks Whitebeard saw through their plan, but Sengoku doesn’t care much as the plan was too simple, still it’s too late for the pirates.

Jinbe vs Moria: Moria wants to defeat Jinbe because otherwise he can’t use his zombies. He takes the shadows from marine soldiers, incorporates them, charges at Jinbe, and wants to cut the shadow off the fish man. Jinbe orders Luffy and Ivankov to move on, and fends off Moria’s swords with Samehada Shoutei. With Samegawara Seiken, he gives Moria a hard aimed punch to the stomach.

Luffy vs Smoker: Luffy has to dodge attacks from marines and runs at Tashigi. Smoker comes charging from behind and hits Luffy in the face with his jitte. Luffy remembers him and the jitte, which has a sea stone attached to the tip. Luffy fires a Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling, but it passes through Smoker without effect. The latter goes up in smoke with White Launcher. Both realize the increased strength of their opponent as smoke gathers around Luffy. Smoker transforms back, pressing against Luffy’s neck with the jitte and flinging him to the ground. Smoker now knows why Dragon helped Luffy back in Loguetown. Suddenly Smoker is kicked away by Boa Hancock, who will not allow her lover to beaten. Smoker is confused as to how she could hit him, but first asks her why she isn’t doing her job as a samurai. She doesn’t go for it and promises Smoker to tear him up and feed him to animals. She has never felt such anger before. Smoker now recognizes the Haki of Kuja in her. Luffy is pleased to have Hancock’s help, who in turn is delighted to have been called by his name.

Ivankov kneels in front of Bartholomew Kuma and has had to dodge a few attacks. He warns him that if he doesn’t stop, he will have to attack him. Donquixote Doflamingo sits on the bodies of pirates and laughs at Ivankov. He doesn’t know the relationship the two are in, but gives Ivankov advice to stop talking to him. Ivankov’s acquaintance was Bartholomew Kuma, or Bear the Tyrant, but he is already dead.

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