One Piece Chapter 558


Brook’s “Thanks for a Sleepover and a Pair of Panties,” Part 2 – Satan Begins to Compose.
Brook composes a song while some Satanists show him their panties.


Grand Line, Marine Ford, Moby Dick: Luffy tells Whitebeard that they intercepted marine radio transmissions and that Ace’s execution is to be moved up, but they have some preparation to do. The rest of the message was codes they didn’t understand. Luffy only tells Whitebeard because he wants to save Ace as well. The old man thanks Luffy for the thoroughly important information. The prisoners who broke out of Impel Down with Luffy are amazed at Luffy’s confidence in talking to Whitebeard as an equal. The latter suspects the Navy doesn’t think it’s necessary to stick to announcements when it comes to pirates. Luffy jumps off the Moby Dick and goes to rescue Ace. Marco lands next to Whitebeard and also reports the early execution time. Whitebeard orders to remain calm because it was part of the Navy’s plan to let them hear the news. Under no circumstances would Sengoku make such a mistake.

Admiral Kizaru stands in the way of the onrushing Luffy. The Tenryuubito will not rest until the Straw Hat is captured. He shoots a beam of light at Luffy and the pirates already think he is dead, but at the last second Ivankov is able to fling Luffy out of the path of the attack with the Death Wink. A large explosion engulfs the area where Luffy was moments before. Buggy screams wanting to go home. His fellow soldiers misunderstand him and think he wants to defeat Kizaru. They praise Buggy for not even being afraid of the Admiral, but after all, he was in a legendary crew too. Galdino doesn’t understand so much blind obedience. Luffy thanks Ivankov, who considers it his job not to let Luffy die. Another flash of light comes at Ivankov, but not from Kizaru, instead a laser beam fired from Bartholomew Kuma. He is just able to dodge the attack by Rolling Esthetics. Ivankov speaks quietly to Bear, saying that he understands that Bear needs to maintain his position as a samurai, but that doesn’t mean he has to shoot a real laser at an old friend.

Meanwhile, Luffy fights naval officers, including Hina, who wants to capture the Straw Hat with Awase: Baori. Luffy recognizes her and uses Gear 2. Tired of being locked up all the time, he escapes from Hina’s restraints, who only restrains naval officers. He was too fast for her. A marine is able to hit Luffy with an iron club, but fails to decisively injure him and is knocked out with a kick.

Moria is thrilled by Luffy’s drive and wants to grab his shadow again to use it to revive Oars. He revives zombie soldiers to help him do this. The more bodies on the battlefield, the more zombies Moria can create. Driven by Kizaru, more and more soldiers attack Luffy. Suddenly, Ace from the scaffold yells at his brother to get the hell out. They are both pirates, have their own adventures and their own comrades-in-arms. Luffy has no reason to interfere. Ace calls Luffy a weakling and it would be a humiliation to be rescued by him. In his mind, he hopes Luffy leaves because he doesn’t want to drag him into something that is his own fault. Enraged, Luffy yells that he is his little brother after all.

Review: Luffy and Ace are still young kids. Ace tells them that they become brothers when they exchange saki shells. From that day on, they are brothers.

Luffy tells Ace that he doesn’t care about the rules of pirates. Some naval officers wonder if Luffy is also Gold Roger’s son, others disagree because Ace’s parents died after he was born, making it impossible for Luffy to be Roger’s son as well. Moria sends out his zombies, who are immediately caught in a wave of water and lose their shadows. Jinbe has intervened and says to Moria to remember that salt is the zombies’ weakness. Over the Den-den Mushi, Sengoku unequivocally tells the soldiers to get Luffy out of the way, because even though he’s not Ace’s biological brother, he’s a future danger because he’s Revolutionary Dragon’s son. Hancock revels in the thought that even if he is the son of a demon, she still loves him. Koby is surprised that Sengoku reveals the information and Donquixote Doflamingo understands why Ivankov supports Luffy, who meanwhile uses Gear 3. Smoker understands Dragon’s actions in Loguetown, otherwise the information evokes general speechlessness. Garp notes that it doesn’t matter because Luffy is a danger in his own right and being related to Dragon doesn’t change anything. With full force, Luffy slams a gum-gum-giant rifle into the stomach of an attacking giant, who goes down defeated. Luffy doesn’t care what Ace says, he’ll save him even if it costs him his life. Whitebeard orders Marco not to let Luffy die under any circumstances.

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