One Piece Chapter 557


Brook’s “Thanks for a Sleepover and a Pair of Panties,” Part 1 – Peace-Loving People.
Three long-armed people kidnap a girl of the inhabitants of Harahettarnia. They ask Brook for help.


Flashback, shortly before the warship crashes out of the sky over Marine Ford: Captain Buggy’s crew wonders what happened, after all they were on an icy giant tsunami. Crocodile then gets the idea to look out over the ice world, revealing the ship’s location. Jinbe even manages to spot Whitebeard, while Ivankov realizes that the war is already in full swing. Luffy then takes the floor and suggests his plan: just keep going! They’ve come too far to give up now, he says, after all, Ace’s execution is already three hours away. Buggy thinks Luffy is crazy, as he sees no other option but to slide down the Tsunami. Mr. 3 isn’t keen on the idea either. However, Luffy’s speech is able to convince the rest of the crew, so Buggy naturally changes his mind as well and supports the idea. The further planning is abruptly interrupted by a Den-den Mushi, which immediately brings a message from the navy to light: they should immediately see to it that plan 3 is implemented. The execution of Ace should be carried out as soon as the preparations for it are completed! Since time is short, everyone wants to do their best to get to Ace!

So before Ace’s eyes, the ship flies towards the ground. It hits another warship head-on, destroying both ships. All participants in the war take note of the event in amazement. Some onlookers on the Sabaody Archipelago can’t believe their eyes. The crashed ones have been saved by falling into the water. Jinbe immediately sets out to fish the devil fruit users out of the water. Meanwhile, Luffy has landed on the deck of the broken warship and catches sight of Ace. Just as the latter also sees Luffy. The rest of the escapees are also spotted. Luffy then announces that he has come to rescue Ace.

Meanwhile, Sengoku throws a moderately severe fit when he realizes it’s Luffy who’s responsible for the fracas. He turns to Garp, who is also pulling his hair out, and curses the latter’s “family”. The members of the navy gradually realize what calibers have just arrived and realize that they are refugees from Impel Down. Hawkeye continues to remain composed, while Moria’s expression reflects horror. Even Jango and Fullbody recognize the straw hat. Boa Hancock is ecstatic. Helmeppo and Koby – lured by the fall of the ship – are also intrigued that it is Luffy who fell from the sky. Bartholomew Kuma continues to remain silent, while Admirals Aokiji and Kizaru are curious as to what turn the arrival might take in the course of the battle. Out of the corner of his eye, Marco also takes note of Luffy, while Donquixote Doflamingo is pleased to see the prominence of the new arrivals. Smoker wonders what strange alliance Luffy and Crocodile have formed. Lastly, Akainu observes the scene and knows that he must take out Luffy – as a descendant of Garp and Dragon.

Sengoku’s inquiry if Jinbe’s appearance would be an answer to the question if he would resign as a samurai, the latter only replies that exactly that would be the case. He was resigning the title of samurai! Garp wonders at the composition of the crew, while Ivankov looks around and misses Crocodile. The latter has swung up unnoticed to attack Whitebeard! No one had expected an attack in this situation. But nothing comes of the “greeting” as Luffy steps in and fends off Crocodile’s attack. When asked about the agreement, Luffy replies that Ace cares a lot about Whitebeard and that’s why he won’t allow Whitebeard to be attacked.

While Luffy continues to stare at Crocodile, Whitebeard examines Luffy for the first time and spots Shanks’ straw hat. He then understands that Shanks gave the left arm to Luffy because he had great faith in the next generation of pirates. Whitebeard’s question as to whether this was Shanks’ straw hat is answered in the affirmative by Luffy. He had only borrowed the hat from the red one, he said. Whitebeard’s thoughts are on Ace for a few seconds, who proudly showed him a profile of Luffy. Whitebeard concludes that the Straw Hat wants to save Ace, which Luffy also affirms. Whitebeard goes on to ask if Luffy knew what he was getting into. Someone like Luffy would not get out of this war alive. An angry Luffy only replies that this isn’t Whitebeard’s business and he knows all about Whitebeard. But it was not him, but Luffy himself who would become King of the Pirates! With a smile, Whitebeard just announces that Luffy shouldn’t stop him. He would save Ace!

Ivankov and Buggy are dumbfounded that Luffy is competing with Whitebeard, while Kizaru is licensed by Sengoku to kill all newcomers.

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