One Piece Chapter 556


Nami’s “Weather Report”, Part 2 – “Meteorology in Weatheria”.
Nami marvels as it rains from a small cloud directly over a field. The farmers dance in the rain while the professor strokes his beard and grins.


Marine Ford, on the square before the scaffold: Little Oars Jr. has been struck down by Donquixote Doflamingo and Gecko Moria and lies not far from Ace on the execution ground. While Bartholomew Kuma and Hawkeye make no bones about it, Moria rejoices in the resounding success of his attack. Boa Hancock is amazed at what huge men there are in the world. The badly wounded Oars continues to reach for Ace, but then comes down, which clearly amuses Doflamingo. Atmos asks the latter what is so funny.

Whitebeard mourns the fallen Oars, which Vice Admiral Lons uses to attack. The giant rushes at Whitebeard and wants to strike him down with an axe blow, but Whitebeard is able to block the attack. Without further ado, Whitebeard grabs the Vice Admiral, creating a force field of sorts in the form of a bubble that pushes Lons’ head to the ground. Whitebeard now allows the bubble to affect Lons’ helmet, which promptly shatters, also incapacitating Lons as the effect of the attack also hits the giant’s head with full effect. A scowl later, many marines realize that even a giant is no match for Whitebeard. Whitebeard now gives the order for his crew to use the space Oars Jr. has created and continue to advance. Wildly determined, they charge.

Scene change: on an island not far from Marine Ford, a farmer’s animals take flight. The farmer wonders about the many earthquakes today.

Back on Marine Ford: The commander of the 13th Division, Water Buffalo Atmos, is facing the samurai Doflamingo. The samurai now answers the question of why he is so amused by pointing out that the upcoming confrontation excites him. With a wave of his finger, Doflamingo takes the initiative. Atmos already suspects what is about to happen and warns his crew to keep their distance from him. They cannot react fast enough. Atmos now attacks – controlled by Doflamingo – his own crew!

Elsewhere, Koby realizes that he can do nothing against these people. He is scared out of his wits and makes his escape. Both he and Helmeppo are just able to press themselves against a wall as they watch Admiral Akainu order another fugitive to take his post. The latter asks the admiral to let him go, as he doesn’t want to die and has a family to take care of. Akainu points out to the soldier that he should be thinking of his family right now, so they don’t have to live on in shame over his escape. Shocked by Akainu’s ruthlessness, Koby and Helmeppo press themselves even tighter against the wall and can overhear the admiral being told that preparations for the plan have been completed.

Atmos continues to be piloted by Doflamingo and attacks his crew, who still don’t understand what their commander is doing there. Doflamingo is having the time of his life, questioning the righteous actions of both the pirates and the navy. There is no way to tell who is acting justly, he says, but justice will definitely be done on the neutral ground they are currently on. The winner of this war will get justice!

Using the icebreaker of the “Ice Witch” Whitey Bay, the pirates manage to further divide the battlefield, isolating the previously assembled navy. A second battlefield is thus opened. The report of the Ice Witch’s breakthrough by a marine does not interest Sengoku, however, and he gives the order for Vice Admiral Kranich to now put the plan into motion. A bizarre scene is shown where marines are hanging and drying on a line like laundry that has just been washed. Using the Den-den Mushis, Sengoku’s orders are communicated to all the navy members. Whitebeard hears with a grin that a plan by the strategist Sengoku is underway.

Ace notices that Garp appears on the scaffold. Sengoku wants to know what he is doing here, after all, everyone is supposed to follow the plan. When asked if Garp has a problem with this decision, he denies it. Ace is a pirate, so he will receive a just punishment. However, he insists on staying on the scaffold. In his mind, he sees young Ace defending his brother Luffy from his grandfather. Garp continues to reinforce that he has no sympathy for pirates, but Sengoku counters that it is a different matter with family members. Garp, now seated on the scaffold, is on the verge of tears that Ace didn’t follow his orders and – like Luffy – became a pirate instead of serving in the Navy. Sengoku warns Garp not to do anything stupid, or he will use everything at his disposal to stop Garp.

Scene change to Koby and Helmeppo: Koby wants to know from Helmeppo what the plan is. Helmeppo tells him that they want to execute Ace immediately. Koby now discovers first – looking at the clouds – that something is falling from the sky.

Upon closer inspection, the falling object is a ship. It quickly becomes clear from the ship’s crew arguing loudly with each other that the refugees from the Impel Down are on their way to Marine Ford. Crocodile accuses Ivankov of overdoing it with the wave. The parties involved plummet towards certain death! Luffy also joins in the death cry at first, but then realizes he’s made of rubber and nothing can happen to him. The others curse Luffy’s plan and don’t want to die. Where will the ship land? Will the refugees survive the fall? What will happen with Ace’s execution?

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