One Piece Chapter 555


Nami’s “Weather Report,” Part 1 – “Business on the Legendary Sky Island Weatheria”
The residents of the sky island are talking. Nami stands with them, listening intently. She watches as the professor educates two farmers on the prices of different weather patterns.


Marine Ford, Bay: Little Oars Jr. continues to push forward on his way to Ace, but the Marine’s Giant Squad sets out to stop the giant. For the Giants, it will be the first time they have had to look up to an opponent. Oars, on the other hand, capsizes a Navy ship on his own. Its crew keeps up the fire on him, however. Ace, who continues to be tied up, urges him not to go deeper into the battle, as he would make too big a target. Oars promises Ace that he will be right with him. With unrestrained force, the giant then dismantles the naval ship in front of him, opening a path for the pirates to reach the mainland. The pirates see their chance and storm off.

Vice Admiral Momonga also perceives the threat of the advance and gives orders to hold the mainland at all costs. Meanwhile, Oars defeats Vice Admiral Lacroix with a giant sword. Whitebeard is not yet sure whether Oars’s actions are heroic or suicidal, but gives the giant permission – at his request – to charge ahead. He instructs his crew to follow Oars Jr. The latter rages on on his way to Ace.

Boa Hancock deems the time appropriate to intervene in the fight, as some pirates have already boarded the mainland. She produces a giant heart and shoots Slave Arrows into the crowd, causing all the people who succumbed to her to become petrified. She uses Perfume Femur to destroy the petrified people. This applies to both pirates and the Navy. She is asked to explain her behavior, to which she insists that she would fight Whitebeard, but not that she is an ally of the Navy. All but one of the other men are the same, she says. She demands that they confirm that she has kept her word.

Meanwhile, Bartholomew Kuma unleashes an Ursus Shock aimed directly at Oars Jr. Again, this attack takes some collateral damage, but brings Oars to his knees, which only reinforces Ace’s worries. Oars’s hat sails off the latter’s head. The giant needs to catch his breath. Ace begs him to finally stop, as he no longer thinks he can make it to him.

Flashback: Ace meets Oars and gives him a hat he made himself. He had learned the art of weaving it in Wano. Ace was worried about the giant, as he was much closer to the sun than any other living creature, and therefore needed protection from the sun. Oars acknowledges that the hat helps him, which Ace had to put so much work into, as his logia powers had caused him to ignite the hat in previous failed attempts. Plus, the hat protects against the rain. Oars is thrilled.

Marine Ford, mainland: the fire of the entire navy is concentrated on the giant. Oars, badly hit, decides to take out at least one more samurai. The remark catches the attention of Doflamingo, who now prepares to intervene in the action. As Oars swats at him with his giant hand, the samurai simply leaps over the giant. Oars is still thinking at this moment about the hat that even protected him from the snow and kept him from freezing. Doflamingo comes back up behind Oars Jr. and manages to sever the giant’s right leg! This causes the giant to buckle, but he still won’t fall over. While Ace despairs at the sight, Oars continues to not give up and extends his arm towards Ace. Gecko Moria, still angry at Doflamingo’s attack for wanting Oars’s body in one piece, then chases Tsuno Tokage across Oars’s body!

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