One Piece Chapter 554


Chopper’s “I’m Not Food, You Stupid People!”, Part 2 – Man and Bird at War!!!”
Chopper has been hiding while the cannibals fight with a giant bird.


Marine Ford, bay: Marco ate of the Phoenix Fruit and repelled Admiral Kizaru’s attack head-on. The Phoenix Fruit belongs to the Cryptozoology Zoan Fruit group, which are even rarer than Logias. Marco can regenerate when damaged by an attack using his flames. He transforms into a phoenix and flies towards Kizaru. The latter uses Yasakani no Magatama again, it also hits Marco who feels pain. Marco tries to kick Kizaru, but he deflects the kick with his arm. In a large explosion, Kizaru is knocked to the ground in the process, survives it unharmed as it turns out, and warns the giant unit to watch out for attacks from the sky. The giants start to move, on the side of the Whitebeard gang Jozu has broken a mighty block of ice the size of the forecourt out of the icy sea and hurls it at the assembled naval units.

Admiral Akainu is annoyed that no one is left to defend the execution ground when everyone rushes out. He creates a fist of magma with Dai Funka, which hits the block of ice. After the impact, the block is gone without a trace and hot volcanic rock falls on the pirates of the Whitebeard gang. The projectiles even destroy one of the gang’s ships. Spectators around the world watch the battle and some already foresee the end of the world. Whitebeard spears a chunk with his naginata and advises Akainu to light candles on birthday cakes instead. The giants fight against the pirates, who are supported by the continuous fire of their ships. At all costs, the marines want to prevent the pirates from reaching solid ground. Even before that, they want to sink them together with the Moby Dick and Whitebeard. First, however, they must stop the commanders of the Whitebeard gang.

Approaching from the seaside is Little Oars Jr, who is even bigger than a giant and a descendant of Oars. He is to destroy the formation of naval warships. The Samurai of the Seas now join the fray as well. Moria is gleefully excited and desperately wants Oars Jr’s body. Donquixote Doflamingo also thinks things are turning interesting.

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