One Piece Chapter 553


Color Spread: The Straw Hat Pirates eating ice cream. While Nami and Robin make do with just a few scoops, in the background Sanji carries a huge cone with a great many equally large scoops. One of the scoops has Chopper in it. Of course, Luffy has already struck it, while Usopp joyfully jumps towards the ice cream miracle. Brook also assembles an ice cream with many, yet small, scoops, while Zoro holds the cone. Franky, meanwhile, squats on a whale with teeth, carrying a large spoon on his shoulder.


Two huge tsunami waves threaten to destroy part of the naval headquarters due to Whitebeard’s attack, which many are horrified, amazed or impressed by, like Doflamingo, however she is stopped by Aokiji with his Ice Age attack.

He then attacks Whitebeard with his Ice Block Partisan attack, but is stopped by a blast wave from Whitebeard, shatters himself, and then rises back up from ice.

The pirates can no longer navigate their ships, because everything is frozen. Due to this fact, the navy also directly launches a huge bombardment. However, the frozen bay also means that the pirates can now roam and attack the bullets as well as the soldiers.

Now the vice admirals are also in line to fight. In the process, Crane is asked by another vice to stay behind, which she strictly refuses, as there is no longer a safe place on this world.

Flamingo asks Hawkeye what he plans to do now. He only answers that he wants to test the difference in strength between himself and Whitebeard. He also attacks him immediately, but his attack is thwarted by the commander of the third division of the Whitebeard gang, Jozu.

Now Kizaru interferes with his attack Yasakani no Magatama. Whitebeard remains completely calm this time as well and is only bothered by the fact that the attack is so terribly bright. Suddenly the attack is stopped in mid-air, which the soldiers are quite surprised by, but then they notice blue flames and see the commander of Whitebeard’s first division, Marco. The latter also lectures Kizaru about not attacking the king first thing. After that, Kizaru just notices with a surprised expression how creepy the Whitebeard gang is.

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