One Piece Chapter 552


Chopper’s “I’m Not Food, You Stupid People!”, Part 1 – “The Escaped Badger Stew”.
Chopper flees in panic from the cannibals who throw spears at him.


Marine Ford, Gate of Justice: The Marine battleship carrying Luffy and the rest of the escaped prisoners has passed through the gate. Luffy opens up to Ivankov and the others that he and Ace do not have the same father. Gold Roger is Ace’s father, he says, but they are not allowed to mention it because Ace is mad at him. The information causes general horror. They cannot yet see Marine Ford through the thick fog.

Marine Ford, Execution Square: Whitebeard clenches his fists outward and it appears as if cracks are forming in the air. A seaquake grips the surrounding waters and a huge wall of water builds up on opposite sides of each.

Review: Ace says goodbye to Luffy, who promises him he will also go to sea in three years and be stronger then. Ace quickly makes a name for himself on the Grand Line with the Spade pirate gang. Garp is furious with his protégé for becoming a pirate, of all things. Sengoku wants to know from a subordinate who this Ace is, but they have no information about his background, they only know that he has a logia power. Whitebeard reads in the newspaper about Ace turning down the post of Samurai of the Seas, and wonders about the youth’s haste.

Flashback, Winter Island: Ace runs into Shanks, whom he’s been dying to meet and pay him his thanks for saving his little brother Luffy. The latter had been speaking of Shanks in a continuous manner. When Shanks hears that Ace is Luffy’s brother, he immediately wants to throw a party and hear all about Luffy.

Review: Ace confronts Jinbe and demands to meet Whitebeard. Jinbe is unwilling to grant this request, seeing Ace as a potential threat to Whitebeard. He is in debt to the old man and will fight Ace himself. After five days of fighting, both are completely exhausted, but neither opponent is defeated. The Moby Dick Whitebeards appears with the old man standing at the bow. He has come to challenge the man who came to meet him. Ace orders his crew to run. In exchange for letting them go, he will fight Whitebeard himself. Ace has already eaten the fire fruit. A short fight breaks out in which Ace has no chance. Whitebeard offers to become his son and sail the seas under the sign of the Whitebeard gang. Ace loses consciousness and when his crew goes to get him, they are defeated by the Whitebeard gang. Everyone was taken to the Moby Dick, which sails the seas again. The commander of the 4th Division Thatch introduces himself to Ace and explains everything to him. The latter is astonished to be on the ship without shackles.

Flashback, Moby Dick: Ace attempts Whitebeard’s life several times, but is defeated by the old man each time. More than a hundred times he tries to kill him. One day Marco, commander of the 1st division, comes to him. He tells him that although they are hated in the world, they are happy when Whitebeard calls them his sons. He gives Ace the decision to either leave the ship or join the gang. Some time later, Ace is a crew member and has just forced Doma and his band of pirates to surrender. Ace is offered the position of Commander of the 2nd Division, which hasn’t had one in years. He sits at the table with Marshal D. Teach and asks his opinion, but he only says that Ace is the right man for the job and that he himself never had the ambitions to become commander. As a member of the Whitebeard pirates, Ace quickly makes a name for himself, and Sengoku also takes notice of him again. Ace tells Whitebeard that Gold Roger was his father and he can understand being thrown off the ship. But Whitebeard doesn’t care because all men are children of the sea and it doesn’t matter who brought one into the world.

Flashback, Moby Dick: Teach has fled the ship after killing Thatch. Ace, as his division commander, immediately wants to chase after him, but is stopped by Whitebeard, who has a bad feeling about the whole thing. Ace does not accept the decision. His father’s name is dishonored and he must restore it.

Present, Marine Ford: Ace doesn’t understand why they didn’t just give up on him after he ignored the warnings and went after Teach on his own. That way the situation wouldn’t have escalated. Whitebeard doesn’t understand what he means, having ordered him to chase Teach. A tremor ripples through the ground. Garp knows about Whitebeard’s powers to create tsunamis and a marine also knows about the powers, Whitebeard ate from the earthquake fruit. Sengoku knows about the larger force of the navy, but still they might come out the loser of the battle because Whitebeard has the power to destroy the world. The war begins and two huge tsunamis threaten to destroy the naval headquarters. 43 ships under Whitebeard’s command against the might of the government, the navy and the samurai of the seas. Whatever the outcome of the war, the world will change.

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