One Piece Chapter 550


Usopp’s “Alone Died” Syndrome, Part 1 – “The Boin Archipelago is the purest forest of feasting.”
Usopp is impressed by the forest’s many delicacies, while Heracles eats a noodle soup.


Three hours to Ace’s execution. The whole world is in an uproar.
In the Southblue, they ponder whether Whitebeard will really come, after all, he’s quite old and hasn’t been heard from in a long time.
In the East Blue, it is held that the world government can never lose to Whitebeard. Another says it doesn’t matter anyway, as there would just be a lot of unnecessary deaths and it would be best if the execution went off without a hitch.
In the Northblue, all the stores are closed, which the villagers are already complaining about.
In the Westblue, someone tells us that Whitebeard can never be too old. Just last year, when he visited a pub there once, everyone had felt fear just from looking at him.
On the Grand Line, even the kids jumping rope sing that Whitebeard is scarier than demons.

You can see the city of the world government, Mary Geoise. More specifically, the houses where the families of the Navy soldiers live, however, these have been evacuated because of the big event and the families have been housed on the Sabaody Archipelago, where they can follow the events via TV.

Patrol ships have been sent out by the navy again and again over time, but there is no sign of life from them anymore.

Ace is on the Scaffold (execution site) ready for execution.

John Giant reminds the soldiers once again that they must never let their guard down now and that it will all be over in three hours.

Meanwhile, 100,000 soldiers, 50 warships, walls crammed with countless cannons, the now only five “loyal” Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma, Mihawk Hawkeye, Donquixote Doflamingo, Moria and the most beautiful woman in the world, Boa Hancock, as well as the “Ultimate Force” of the Navy, the 3 Admirals Kizaru, Akainu and Aokiji await Whitebeard’s arrival.

In the Tarai, in front of the Gate of Justice of the Navy Headquarters: Luffy and Jinbe are talking about their current situation, while Buggy is already celebrating himself as the new King of the Pirates.

Sengoku clarifies with Garp that he will now say anything. But what? He steps on the scaffold, grabs a Den-den Mushi and now asks Ace what his father’s name is. Many are very puzzled as to why he is asking him that now. Ace answers with Whitebeard. Sengoku, however, denies it, but Ace is not swayed in his opinion and says that he never had another.

Sengoku starts talking about how they used to search for a possible child from the man of that time and jumped at the slightest clue from the Cipher Pol. They kept a record of all the names of the children and mothers born during that time, but never found even a clue. But as it would later turn out, his mother, with a trick, had risked her life. That trick, however, caused her eyes to wander to an island called Baterilla in the Southblue. His mother’s name was Port gas D. Rouge. She accomplished a feat they never expected, she didn’t give birth to Ace within 9 months, no, it was a whole 20 months! But in the end, she had to give her own life for that of her son.

1 year and 3 months after the death of his father, she gave birth to a child with the most cursed blood in the world, with the blood of the king of pirates Gol D. Roger.

Ace didn’t really want to hear it and looks down at the ground in shock. He didn’t need anyone to tell him, he knew who his real father was. It’s about the same reaction seen before when Garp told Luffy Dragon was his father.

Garp, looking down at the ground thoughtfully, remembers a conversation with Gold Roger. Roger asked Garp for a favor, if he could watch his son. After all, it’s not the child’s fault for seeing the light of day. And so Garp took the child, as he did with Dragon some time later.

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