One Piece Chapter 544


Sanji’s “Tearjerking Together on Kamabakka”, Part 2 – “A Complete Girl”.
Sanji is dressed like a transgender and happily jumps around with other trannies.


Blackbeard proudly tells Luffy that he is now a samurai of the seas, but to prove his strength, he actually wanted to kill him. Only the appearance of Ace saved his life. Then the entire Blackbeard gang speaks to Luffy, saying that he was lucky and since Blackbeard is already a samurai, he doesn’t have to kill Luffy anymore.

Afterwards, Blackbeard tells him to thank Ace for it at his grave. Luffy then gets angry, uses Gear 2 and attacks Blackbeard with a gum-gum jet gun. This knocks him away and leaves him with a major injury. But he immediately gets back up and when Luffy goes to attack him again, he pulls him towards him with his Dark Vortex and slams him into the ground. Everyone around them is amazed that Luffy is spitting so much blood, even though he’s made of rubber.

As Luffy gets back up, Jinbe interrupts him and says that they will still need their powers. Fighting Blackbeard would only waste time he doesn’t have.

Crocodile says to Blackbeard that while he has heard of his installation as a samurai, he finds something odd. He should now be at naval headquarters like the rest of the samurai. The latter only replies that he doesn’t need to explain to him every detail of his plan that has gone perfectly so far. Suddenly the conversation is interrupted by some prisoners shouting that Magellan is here and that everyone should flee to level 3.

Suddenly a Hydra comes flying in and finishes off some prisoners. Ivankov shouts that Luffy wouldn’t survive another contact with the poison and that’s why he has to run away now. Jinbe tells Blackbeard that it’s a good thing he’s already taken out the troops on the stairs. Blackbeard gratefully replies that the panic going on would be good for him too.

Suddenly, the Minotaur appears and finishes off some prisoners, to which Bentham is very surprised, since they had just finished him off earlier. Crocodile replies that this is quite normal, as the four guardian beasts are Zoan power users and they excel in great physical strength and fast healing. Because of this, the other three will soon be up as well. However, this doesn’t matter at the moment as Magellan is approaching.

The guards are pleased to receive Magellan, but he wants to know what happened to Shiryu. A guard in the monitor room reports that all the monitors are out of order and the connections to headquarters have also been cut. Suddenly, the soldier who was reporting falls over and behind him stands Shiryu with a sword full of blood. He’s trying to stop Magellan from getting to him. Magellan immediately sends new people to the monitor room, wondering how it could have come to this.

In level 2, the prisoners celebrate that Buggy and Galdino have freed them. They all head to level 1 together.

Luffy now tells Blackbeard that he is determined to save Ace. To this, Blackbeard responds understandingly that nothing is impossible and if he is right in saying that Sky Island does exist in the end. The same goes for the One Piece, in his opinion. Luffy now heads off to Level 3 with the rest of the prisoners. Blackbeard also mentions that in a few hours, the ultimate show will begin that will shake the world to its core.

Meanwhile, Magellan finds Sady tied to a rope and says she was defeated by the transgender King. Magellan then encounters Blackbeard. He attacks the entire gang with Hydra. This causes the latter to writhe in pain. Magellan just keeps running. In the process, he encounters Hannyabal, who is lying on the ground badly injured. He tells Hannyabal not to die, because he is the only successor he has. He then shouts to Luffy that he will never let him escape alive.

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