One Piece Chapter 543


Sanji’s “Tearjerk Together on Kamabakka”, Part 1 – “Adventures on the Island with No Way Out”.
Sanji flees in panic from a transgender who wants to catch him.


The chapter begins with some soldiers trying to stop the five members of the Blackbeard gang from advancing further into the Impel Down. They are now considered traitors. Shiryu then enters the stage. Marshal D. Teach immediately recognizes that this is no ordinary soldier and even mistakes him for Magellan. Shiryu makes sure that he really is Marshal D. Teach, which he confirms with amusement.

The action switches to Luffy and co. The troupe seems unstoppable when Sady gets in their way. However, this is attacked by Emporio Ivankov, who has turned into a woman through his devil power. Meanwhile, Luffy and the rest run past the fighters to the stairway to Level 3, where they are attacked by Hannyabal. This one is determined to stop anyone who tries to get past him. The usually unmotivated Hannyabal even fights with his sword “Kessui” this time, which also lets the guards know that he means business this time. When Luffy tries to get past him, a fight breaks out between them. However, it quickly becomes clear that the deputy leader is inferior to Luffy.

Meanwhile, Magellan has arrived at the other end of Level 3. He is informed that the pirates and revolutionaries are being stopped by Hannyabal with difficulty. The latter, meanwhile, takes a severe beating, but always manages to get back up and stand up to Luffy. He’s even on the verge of dying when he says he’ll defend the Impel Down at all costs because it shows the whole world that criminals, revolutionaries, murderers, and pirates have no chance of defeating the world government. He is unable to realize that Luffy’s intentions are completely different, which is to save his brother.

Shortly after the deputy leader’s last stand, Blackbeard enters the stage. He smashes Hannyabal to the ground with just one attack, saying that this talk of “justice” and “injustice” is pointless because there is no answer to what is just or unjust.

Jinbe recognizes Teach first. However, Teach says that there is no reason to fight now. When Luffy hears the name Blackbeard, he realizes that this man is to blame for everything. Teach, however, only says that Luffy should hurry to get out of Impel Down, as his brother’s execution is imminent. On his lips at all times is his trademark laugh. The fact that Teach, without a fight, got past Shiryu once again confirms that Shiryu didn’t follow Magellan’s orders. What his intentions are, however, remains as open as the reason for Blackbeard’s attack on Impel Down.

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