One Piece Chapter 542


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You can see the fleet of warships that Ace picked up from Impel Down earlier. There is a rumor going around the ships that Impel Down is in full turmoil and Monkey D. Luffy is the cause. Vice Admiral Onigumo, meanwhile, tells Ace that this will be the last time he sees the sky. Meanwhile, Ace, who is tied to a chair, looks composed as Onigumo gives the order to open Marine Ford’s gate.

Meanwhile, at the Marine Ford, Grand Admiral Sengoku is informed that five hours before the execution, Marshall D. Teach is nowhere to be found. Also, an unauthorized naval vessel has just appeared at Impel Down. It quickly becomes clear to those involved who must be responsible.

And sure enough, Blackbeard and his crew have set out for Impel Down. When the soldiers stationed there inform Blackbeard that they have not requested assistance, they are sucked in by Blackbeard’s dark fruit. The latter just sarcastically says that they are all on the same side after all, laughing. All the soldiers who get in his way are defeated by him without any problems.

When the deputy leader Hannyabal learns of this, he breaks down in despair. Luffy on level four, Buggy the Clown on level 2 and now Blackbeard at the main entrance. Hannyabal sees no way to save the situation and is about to give up when Magellan calls in via Den-den Mushi. He tells Hannyabal that he has just finished the uprising on level 2 and is now heading to level 4. Hannyabal is told to head there as well and hold off Luffy and company until he gets there. Blackbeard will be taken care of by his secret weapon. Encouraged by these words, Hannyabal takes heart and follows Magellan’s instructions.

Meanwhile, on level six, he contacts his secret weapon. The former guard commander Shiryu, who was previously imprisoned on level six, is supposed to take care of Blackbeard. It is learned that the latter is condemned to death. If he helps Magellan, his execution will be delayed. However, when he receives his sword, he immediately injures several guards. Here you learn for the first time that Shiryu wasn’t imprisoned by Magellan on level 6 for nothing and now has no intention whatsoever to help him.

Meanwhile, on Level 4, Luffy and co. are moving towards Level 3, freeing all the prison inmates on their way up, when suddenly the Blugori are sent into battle by Saldeath. However, Emporio Ivankov defeats them all with just a Hell Wink and pushes Luffy further forward when Sady and the Guardian Beasts show up. They defeat some escapees while blocking the entrance to Level 3, but Luffy, Jinbe, and Crocodile defeat them with just one punch, to the horror of Sady and the rest of the guards present.

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