One Piece Chapter 541


Vivi and Terracotta cook a fish dish.


A unit of guards just arrives at level 6, but finds only a strange staircase leading up, which Luffy and the others used to escape. Afterwards, the guards meet Shiryu, who offers his help to Magellan.

The guards in the control room notice that Jinbe and Crocodile are now on the run. Hannyabal now wants to face them himself, and all the troops are summoned to Level 5. Hannyabal also calls Sady-chan, who is to bring her Guardian Beasts, and Saldeath, who is to bring the Blue Gorillas. He’s pretty sure they’ll be victorious.

Ivankov is giving their speech to the trannies, explaining that they will need more allies and a naval ship to attack the naval headquarters. He also warns of the consequences for the prisoners, but that their chances increase if they free as many convicts as possible. Also present is Bentham, who is doing well again due to the Emporio Tension hormone.

Luffy is now charging further and further up the stairs with Jinbe and Crocodile. There are still five hours until Ace’s execution. Jinbe says if Whitebeard intervenes, they’ll execute him sooner though, so they can’t waste any time. At the bottom of the stairs, there’s a giant door in the way, which just turns Crocodile to dust.

Thus they reach level 4, where many guards are already waiting, who ask for reinforcement at the sight of the three. Now the guards open fire on Crocodile, but since he is made of sand, nothing happens to him. He attacks the guards in return with Barchan, defeating some of them. Now they use better projectiles and shoot at Luffy, but he is able to dodge and attack some guards with gum-gum rain. Jinbe also gets involved now and attacks a group of guards with Karakusa Gawara Seiken.

After that you see Galdino and Buggy in a wax cuboid in level 2. They notice that the Blue Gorillas are moving to level 5 and now see their chance to free some prisoners. This is then done with wax keys from Galdino.

Shortly after, Hannyabal gets a report that the Level 2 convicts are breaking out. The guards from Level 2, who are currently on their way to Level 4, now notice that the entire Level 2 is in an uproar after the release and Buggy’s encouraging speech. These beg Hannyabal to have him send the Blue Gorillas back. He is completely stunned and doesn’t know how to react.

Crocodile also knows that they can’t escape alone, so he asks Daz Bonez if he wants to come along, to which he replies in the affirmative.

Ivankov now breaks out of Level 5 with his small army and they meet Luffy shortly after, who is very pleased to see Bentham well. The latter is also surprised to meet Daz Bonez and explains to Luffy who this is. Ivankov now injects himself with the Emporio facial growth hormone.

Meanwhile, Hannyabal doesn’t even know what to do anymore, as level 2 and level 4 call for help at the same time. Luffy now storms upwards with everyone, his goal is the navy headquarters.

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