One Piece Chapter 539


Robin observes some butterflies.


Luffy has survived the ordeal of healing and now demands food. The trannies bring everything they have to the entrance of the cave where Luffy is. The latter then brings the food into the cave with his arms. After his hunger is satisfied and the food digested, Luffy comes out of the cave. Everyone is happy that he is alive and cheers him.

Bentham is also happy, but suddenly collapses, which Ivankov says is due to exhaustion and not injuries. Luffy thanks Ivankov for saving them, but Ivankov says that Luffy should thank Bentham for suffering with Luffy all this time. Luffy kneels down in front of the unconscious Bentham and says that he is in Bentham’s debt.

Inazuma brings Luffy his things and the straw hat and says that Luffy needs to rest for a few more days, but he immediately wants to go to save Ace. Suddenly, Luffy collapses as well, but does not lose consciousness. He takes Ace’s Vivre Card out of his pocket and finds that it is still pointing down, so Ace is still at level 6. Afterwards, Luffy asks if Ivankov wants to break out too, since Bentham went all the way down to level 5.5 just to free Ivankov. However, the latter denies it, saying he doesn’t want to break out until Dragon starts moving as well. Luffy says that Dragon is his father, and Ivankov remembers how Dragon used to look in a certain direction, towards East Blues, whenever he was outside to get some fresh air. Ivankov therefore believes Luffy and reports that Dragon was once Ivankov’s comrade in the Revolutionary Army and that he, Ivankov, was locked up in the Impel Down because of it. Ivankov decides to accompany Luffy and save Ace, not wanting a son of his comrade to die in front of him. Suddenly, Luffy keels over again and Ivankov uses his Emporio Tension-Hormon technique to cause Luffy to have an adrenaline rush.

Meanwhile, the guards report to Hannyabal that probably all four fugitives, i.e. Luffy, Buggy, Bentham and Galdino have been eaten by the wolves of the fifth level. On the stairs to the sixth level, Magellan, Domino and some guards are ready to intercept Luffy. Meanwhile, at the main entrance to Impel Downs, five warships and five vice admirals have arrived to receive Ace and bring him safely to naval headquarters on Marine Ford, where the public execution is to take place. One of the vice admirals is Onigumo, who explains the importance of the convoy to his subordinates and impresses upon them to be ever vigilant.

Meanwhile, Luffy, Ivankov, and Inazuma run through the icy forest on level 5. After defeating several of the troop wolves, they arrive at the entrance of the level. Of course, their appearance has not gone unnoticed by the guards. Hannyabal orders them to immediately report the missing prisoners’ appearance to Magellan. Meanwhile, Magellan has gone to level 6 to bring Ace to the entrance so he can be taken to Marine Ford.

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