One Piece Chapter 538


Zoro saves a big bird from a hungry wolf.


Impel Down, Level 5.5: Ivankov stands before the chained Luffy and says that for the cure he will take ten years of his lifespan. He can’t guarantee his survival, though. He increases the chance from 0 percent to 2 – 3 percent. It depends on Luffy’s will to live whether he survives or not. Ivankov injects him with “Emporio: Healing Hormones” with his fingers. Luffy writhes in pain and his heart pumps very hard.

Ivankov and Bentham are standing in front of the locked door to Luffy. The latter has been screaming for ten hours. Ivankov explains that he has only boosted Luffy’s immune system so that it can fight the poison. Bentham peers into the room through a peephole. He is shocked by the sight and asks Ivankov to do something, to stop the treatment and save Luffy. The latter punches Bentham, explaining to him that’s exactly what he’s doing. He doesn’t perform miracles, all he does is awaken the persons will to live.

Ivankov sits down at a table with Bentham. He explains the hormone fruit. Gender, temperature, size, skin color, emotional state, all of which he can control and change. All men or women in level 5.5 may have been of a different sex before. The inhabitants of Newkama Land all got to Level 5.5 on their own, as there are many entrances spread throughout the levels. They also have a monitor snail that allows them to follow all the goings on in Impel Down. This is how they watched Luffy’s break-in from the beginning. They also steal newspapers to keep up with what’s going on outside the Impel Down.

Bentham asks how they got all that space without being noticed. Ivankov tells of a former prisoner who had a devil’s power that enabled him to build tunnels. He was also the founder of the Prisoner’s Paradise. Located between Level 5 and Level 6, Ivankov refers to Level 6 as the ‘eternal hell’ where prisoners who have committed horrible crimes or are inconvenient to the world government are imprisoned. He cites Shiryu of the Rain, who was also formerly head of the Impel Downs, as an example. He and Magellan were the reason why the Impel Down is considered absolutely escape-proof. His strength is comparable to Magellan’s, and if he was still free, they would have had more trouble getting to level 4.

Flashback: Magellan comes face to face with Shiryu, who is holding a sword and standing among dead prisoners. He reprimands him that the prisoners are not there for his pleasure in killing. Shiryu asks what the fuss is about when he slashes some.

Back in Level 5.5: Shiryu was then imprisoned in Level 6. Ivankov mentions three other prisoners that people get scared at the mere mention of. The most dangerous woman ever imprisoned in the Impel Down during the Pirate Era Catharina Devon, “giant battleship” San-Juan Wolf, and “frequent drinker” Vasco Shot. Crocodile is also imprisoned there, as well as Jinbe and Ace. Ivankov learns that Luffy wants to free Ace. He thinks this is impossible. Ace is to be executed at 3pm, it is now just after 0. Luffy’s healing is supposed to take two more days, after which he will sleep for three days to regain his energy. Hearing about the additional two days of healing, Bentham stands in front of Luffy’s room and continuously encourages him not to give up. Shortly after, all the residents get behind Bentham and support him. Seven hours later, they are still standing in front of it.

Impel Down, Level 3: Sady whips the Guardian Beasts for not being able to find Bentham.

Magellan’s office: He is told that someone has completely disappeared. Meanwhile, the real Hannyabal is found in the armory of Level 4.

Impel Down, Level 6: Jinbe advises Ace not to believe Boa Hancock. Ace can’t imagine that she came just to lie to him. What she told him fits Luffy. Ever since they were kids, he’s done nothing but worry him, he says. At a little after 8 o’clock, Magellan, who is sitting on the toilet, is told that the time has come for Portgas D. Ace to be transported.

Impel Down, Level 5.5: Blood comes out from under the door to Luffy and he has stopped screaming. 20 hours after starting the treatment, Luffy calls for food.

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