One Piece Chapter 537


The Straw Hat Pirates is in a flying elephant. Nami feeds him.


Impel Down, Level 4: Review – Bon Kurei as Nami stands in front of Hannyabal, having previously defeated the guards as himself. Using Nami’s body and asking if he could help her change, he lures Hannyabal into the armory and overpowers him. He hangs bound from the ceiling, cursing Bon Kurei and once again expressing his desire to become the head of the Impel Down.

Level 4, Ladder Office: A straining Magellan in the toilet says he used too much poison.

Level 2: Saldeath reports they have returned the prisoners to the cells, but not all the stolen keys back.

Level 3: Sady sends the guardian beasts and guards in search of Bon Kurei.

Some time later: Bon Kurei wakes up in a room where a party seems to be going on. He is greeted and told to take a seat. The room is still in the Impel Down. A woman named Inazuma introduces herself and explains that she brought him and Luffy here. Ten hours have passed since then. The lights go out and someone enters a stage. He greets Bon Kurei and introduces the setting as Level 5.5 – Newkama Land. The person is ‘Queen’ of the Kamabakka Kingdom – Emporio Ivankov.

A person aims a bazooka at Ivankov. His father was king of a country until he returned from a trip to Kamabakka as Okama. This tore the country and the family apart, which is why he became a pirate. For this, he seeks revenge and fires at Ivankov. The latter uses the Death Wink to deflect the bullet, which then hits the shooter. Ivankov uses Emporio Women’s Hormone, which he uses to turn the attacker into a woman.

Bon Kurei asks Ivankov to help Luffy. He learns that he was only saved by Luffy’s plea not to let him die. Without this proof of friendship, Ivankov would have done nothing. Luffy has also been undergoing medical treatment for ten hours, which will take another two days. This takes place in a hermetically sealed cave where Luffy has been screaming since the beginning.

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