One Piece Chapter 536


Franky builds an alpaca a suit of armor studded with weapons.


Impel Down, Apothecary: Bon Kurei, as Hannyabal, tries to get an antidote for Luffy. However, the doctor tells him that it is impossible to make one against multiple poisons. There would be no way to save Luffy. Back with Mr. 3 and Buggy, the two try to convince Bon Kurei to escape from the Impel Down when he remembers a person who can perform miracles and is supposed to be in the Impel Down, Okama Queen Iva-San.

Level 4, Staff Stairs: Bon Kurei (Hannyabal) has his two companions with him as prisoners and wants to go to Level 5. He has a prisoner list with Emporio Ivankov’s name crossed out. He asks the guard about it. Inmates at Impel Down keep disappearing who are proven not to have escaped. It is said that Sodehiki demons are responsible for this, pulling people into hell. Ivankov also fell victim to them. The cold of level 5 penetrates even through the door. The guard takes Bon Kurei’s coat and weapons, since Hannyabal always enters level 5 unarmed. For this, the guards admire him. Because of the cold, the Den-den Mushis don’t work in level 5.

Mr. 3 and Buggy are also stripped of their coats. Lightly clothed, they enter the “Ice Cold Hell” and immediately meet the Wolf Unit, wild roaming beasts that replace the guards in this level. They used to be level 2, but attacked the Sphinx, Basilisk, and the other beasts. When Bon Kurei tries to attack the wolves, Mr. 3 and Buggy flee.

Level 5, Central Tower: Luffy lies in front of other prisoners writhing in pain. He remembers the words of old Nyon, who told him he would not be able to do anything in Impel Down except meet his end. When told by a prisoner to just lie still and accept death, Luffy objects that he can’t die until he frees Ace. The inmates laugh at him because they each think of themselves first before they would help anyone in the Impel Down. Bon Kurei appears outside Luffy’s cell.

He apologizes for escaping while fighting Magellan. He frees Luffy and leaves the keys with the other inmates. He drags Luffy behind him while asking around the inmates for Ivankov. One prisoner sends him to the ‘forest’, which turns out to be the wolves’ lair. In his mind, he hopes Iva-San can save Luffy when he is attacked by the wolves. Bon Kurei fights back, but is overpowered after a short while. Luffy helps him, he is very angry and yells at the wolves to leave. They fall down, foaming at the mouth. Both are at the end of their tether and fall over when a person dressed in black and white appears. There are 26 hours left until Portgas D. Ace’s execution.

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