One Piece Chapter 535


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Impel Down, Level 4: Hannyabal defeats Buggy and Mr. 3 outside the door to Level 3. In his mind, he’s mad at them because he was going to let them through so they could cause some chaos in Level 3. He wanted to blame Magellan for that. However, the two continued to attack him. Mr. 3 would rather bite his tongue off than be interrogated.

Impel Down, Level 4: Mr. 2 flees from the guards. It would be impossible to win against Magellan without strategy. The probability of defeat would be 200%. So all he can do is run.

Impel Down, Level 4: Luffy vs Magellan. The Jet Bazooka has had an effect on Magellan, but Luffy’s hands are covered in poison. He now uses the Gomu Gomu no Twin Jet Pistol, which Magellan counters with the Poison Pufferfish. Luffy dodges and attacks Magellan from behind with Jet Pistol. The latter counters with Hydra. Poison splashes hit Luffy. Using the poison cloud, Magellan creates a poisonous mist. Luffy is no longer in control of his senses and falls forward.

Impel Down, Level 6: Ace demands that the guards tell him what is going on upstairs. He gets the answer, nothing is happening upstairs.

Impel Down, Level 4: Luffy tries to attack Magellan with the last of his strength, but Magellan dodges and covers Luffy with poison from the Hydra. He would go through 24 hours of pain before dying. There would be no way to cure Luffy, who calls for Ace. Magellan orders Luffy thrown into the central tower of Level 5. A guard tells Magellan there’s trouble outside the gate to Level 3. It is unclear what has happened.

Impel Down, Level 5 – Hell of the Icy Cold: You see prisoners trapped in an ice level who can’t eat or have wounds from the cold. Luffy is placed there and shows no reaction to the prisoners’ questions.

Impel Down, Level 4: Outside the gate to Level 3, Magellan appears and stands before a crowd of defeated guards. He asks Hannyabal, who was also defeated, what happened. The latter says Mr. 2 defeated them and left for level 3. Magellan orders the guards from level 4 to level 3 and under the command of Sady and the guard beasts to capture Mr. 2. Impel Down is to be restored to the state it was in before Luffy broke in. Hannyabal orders Buggy and Mr. 3 to be taken to the interrogation room.

Impel Down, Interrogation Room: After locking the room, Hannyabal turns into Mr. 2 and says they can’t waste time freeing Luffy. Buggy and Mr. 3 have no interest in dying for Luffy, who they think is dead. Whether he himself dies trying to save Luffy doesn’t matter to Mr. 2. He abandoned him and now he has to save him because they are friends.

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