One Piece Chapter 533


Sanji and a goat are sitting on a roof drinking coffee. They are exploring the night sky with telescopes and the goat is leafing through a book about aliens.


We’re 29 hours away from Ace’s execution. A ship with Boa Hancock and Vice Admiral Momonga on board is just passing Impel Down.

The latter receives word from a soldier that Shanks is causing trouble in the New World. Kaidou wanted to attack Whitebeard because he is in a weakened position without Ace, but Shanks thwarted this plan. As a result, Momonga sends the soldiers to Marine Ford because every man there is needed for the war against the Whitebeard gang.

Luffy, Bentham, Galdino and Buggy are in front of the defeated Minotaur on level 3. Luffy wants to advance to level 4 with Bentham against the opinion of the other two. Suddenly, the ground below breaks away from the quartet and they argue about whose attack was so strong that the ground collapsed. In the process, they fall to level 4.

It’s so hot on this one that one of the prisoners goes crazy and runs off. In the process he hits Daz Bonez because he is in his way. Bonez retaliates by throwing the prisoner into the boiling lake of blood. Afterwards, some prisoners notice that Magellan, Hannyabal, and the Guardian Beasts have gathered on Level 4 to stop Luffy. Among them is Sady-chan with the three other Guardian Beasts, and she is horrified that the Minotaur has been defeated. Hannyabal is now to guard the stairs to level 3 and Sady-chan with the guardian beasts is to guard the way to level 5.

Luffy and the rest didn’t fall into the lake of blood as Magellan had hoped, as they jumped onto some chunks that landed in the lake and from there onto land. They try to cross Level 4 as quickly as possible, as the heat there is unbearable, but Luffy wants to get to the kitchen first and Bentham follows him. Some guards run into them in the process, but Luffy takes them out with the gum-gum fireworks. Galdino stays behind with Buggy, though, because he suspects the four of them just walked into a giant trap. Most of all, he’s afraid that the head of the Impel Down, Magellan, is going to join them.

Luffy keeps running towards the kitchen until suddenly a ball of poison falls on the floor in front of him. This, of course, comes from none other than Magellan. The latter appears in front of him shortly afterwards. While Luffy doesn’t know who it is yet, Bentham gets panic-stricken.

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