One Piece Chapter 532


A color spread of all the current Seven Warlords of the Seas.


After Vice Admiral Momonga and Samurai Boa Hancock leave the prison, Magellan learns that chaos has broken out in his prison, not least because he and his staff were distracted by Hancock’s presence. Meanwhile, the Blugori are busy fighting the riots on Level 2, while in some of the cells, some inmates are listening in on the report with a listening auger. Magellan decides to wait with Hannyabal and Sady-chan in Level 4 for the intruder and his escaped co-conspirators.

On level 3, Luffy and Bon-chan encounter one of the minotaur guards, against whom Luffy and Bon-chan now have to take their first hits. But Luffy is finally able to defeat their opponent with a Gomu Gomu no Jet Bazooka. Shortly after, Bon-chan tells him that Level 4 is built like a cauldron, with flames burning at the bottom that never go out, and only through an opening in the ceiling does the hot steam escape, which also heats up Level 3. In addition, the straw hat boy now learns that Bon-chan wants to meet a Mr. Iva, who is known as the queen of the queens and Ace is to sit on level 5.

While the two are then standing in front of the opening to the next level, Buggy and Mr. 3 suddenly come running again, pursued by one of the minotaur guards. After the initial scare, the four eventually fight the guard together and wrestle it down. In his cell, Ace is apparently worried about his little brother and asks him aloud in his mind not to come.

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