One Piece Chapter 530


Usopp is training kung fu in a mountain range with a giant mantis. Both are doing the same fighting pose, and he himself is wearing a traditional Kung Fu outfit, similar to that of Jabra. In the background you can still see a house in an Asian design.


Impel Down, Level 2: Four prison guards arrive at the hole through which the Sphinx fell with Luffy, Buggy and Mr. 3. One of them reports the situation to the surveillance room. At the same moment, the prison inmates from that level that Buggy had freed earlier appear and attack the guards. There is great commotion in the surveillance room when they see what happened downstairs, and wonder if Luffy was the one who got them the keys. They immediately send the Blugori down to level two to help the guards who were attacked.

Now, a new message arrives in the surveillance room; it has been announced that the Grand Admiral Sengoku has found out Monkey D. Luffy’s motive. He has invaded the Impel Down to free the condemned Portgas D. Ace, as they are brothers.

Scene change to Marine Headquarters: Vice Admiral Garp and Grand Admiral Sengoku are talking. Garp laughs while Sengoku gets upset and slams his hands on his desk in anger. He notes that they’re in the middle of an incident that’s going to stir up the entire ocean and now just now Luffy launches this action. Sengoku tells them that a similar incident happened twenty years ago, the escape of the flying pirate “Golden Lion”. However, he says that since that incident, nothing like it has ever happened again. The walls of Impel Down had always been considered impregnable. But now, Garp’s grandson would come and tarnish this record, moreover, it was the first time that someone from outside had invaded Impel Down. Garp, on the other hand, says that’s just the way his grandson is, he goes and just does it. Sengoku is less than thrilled with the statement, and furthermore gets further upset that Bartholomew Kuma lied to him, claiming that he defeated the entire Straw Hat Pirates. Garp, on the other hand, says he didn’t believe Bartholomew Kuma for a moment, but would still like to know how Luffy managed to get in there.

Back to the Impel Down, Level 3: The Sphinx is knocked out on the floor. Luffy and his two extras are standing next to it, the latter remarks that it is unbearably hot in here. Buggy, on the other hand, isn’t too pleased, as they’ve now ended up in level three because of Luffy. Mr. 3, on the other hand, is not very active, as he suffers a lot from the heat and his devil power is not very effective here. Nevertheless, he explains to the two all about level three, the hunger hell. On this level, all inmates above a bounty of 50,000,000 Berry are trapped. A fire blazes beneath this level, the heat of which can be felt here. The prisoners get little food and water here, so that all are just barely kept alive.

Luffy now decides to go down to level four. Buggy and Mister 3, on the other hand, have no intention of even making the slightest effort to come along. Just as Luffy decides to head off on his own, the prison guards have a sea net pulled up, trapping the three of them along with the Sphinx. Guards, Blugori, and the guard Saldeath appear among them. The latter remarks that the three were lucky to have been captured by him, for if they had gone further they would have encountered the four demon guards.

Just at this moment, the Sphinx wakes up and breaks the sea net. The three of them take this chance to escape. Luffy is stopped by the Blugori, but he can easily fend them off. At the same time, Buggy and Mister 3 take the opportunity to climb up the remains of the net. Luffy, on the other hand, is still being attacked by the Blugori and the guards below, but he manages to escape from them and escape through level 3.

Buggy and Mister 3, who have managed to get out of the line of fire of the guards who are now chasing Luffy, hear a strange chant that sounds suspiciously familiar to Mister 3. The two fugitives follow the chant and arrive at a cell. There they see an inmate dancing and pirouetting as he sings. It is Bon Kurei aka Mister 2.

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