One Piece Chapter 528


The CP9 Mission Report, Part 33 – “Suddenly a ship disappears somewhere”.
On the island, Captain Very Good is left dismembered in berries while a naval vessel sails away. The CP9 pirate ship is still on shore. Noticeably, a flower grows in the foreground.


Impel Down, Level 2: Luffy and Buggy come face to face with a giant basilisk. At first, the two run away in a panic. Buggy confesses that he had actually planned to betray Luffy and make a run for it, not wanting to enter the second level. Luffy suddenly stops and turns to face the pursuer, wanting to test what the enemy’s strength described during Buggy’s escape is all about.

Change to the office of Magellan, the boss of the Impel Down. Vice Principal Hannyabal enlightens Boa Hancock that Magellan rests ten hours a day by locking himself in the bathroom and doing his day’s work there. He also sleeps eight hours a day and works only about four hours (breakfast and breaks subtracted) in his office.

Magellan himself finally enters the office and it is revealed that he has become a poison man by eating a devil fruit. Hannyabal, who would actually like to be the boss of the Impel Downs himself, argues with Magellan that he should be careful when he sighs, as his breath is poisonous and thus dangerous to those around him.

A phone call suddenly interrupts the conversations of those present: Magellan learns of the break-in that currently has Impel Down in turmoil, and is immediately ready to act. He demands pictures of the events and is outraged that someone should have managed to break into his Impel Down!

Hancock realizes the gravity of the situation and the consequences of Magellan’s intervention for Luffy. She therefore uses her charm to dissuade Magellan from his plan to deal with the incident himself and without delay. The prison warden is very taken with Hancock and immediately forgets everything around him. He promises to immediately comply with her request to visit Ace.

In the surveillance room, the people are also in an uproar. They can no longer reach their boss and have finally realized through the surveillance cameras that the two fugitives are Buggy and Luffy. Luffy’s wanted poster is seen, though his bounty remains obscured. The surveillance personnel try to contact the guards in level 2, but they have all been incapacitated already, so they are unsuccessful with their call here as well.

Buggy and Luffy, who has shrunk by using Gear 3, are standing in front of the defeated Basilisk’s body. Buggy is very surprised at Luffy’s technique, which is new to him, and that the opponent was defeated so quickly. It turns out that in the fight against the Basilisk, the surveillance room was destroyed. The prisoners cheer this and demand that Buggy open the cells with the now easily accessible keys. Buggy, seeing a greater chance of safe escape in a mass breakout, complies with the prisoners’ request and frees them. Only a few, including An Zengaiina, prefer to stay in their cells for fear of the level’s boss.

Mister 3 is also among these prisoners. Like Buggy, he senses Luffy’s appearance as a chance to escape. Buggy continues to argue with Luffy, but agrees to lead him to Level 3. Mister 3 announces that he wants to pay off his debt to Luffy, whose help has now freed him, by joining them.

Scene change to the level Ace is on. You see some kind of monster chained up and being tortured. When a Minotaur with a bloodied club leaves the cell, you realize that it is the cell that Ace himself is in. It becomes clear that the “monster” is Jinbe, the “Knight of the Sea”. He and Ace have a conversation about the upcoming war and the methods of the Guardians. It becomes clear that Jinbe doesn’t mind the torture, and even the possible loss of his status as Samurai of the Seas is of little importance to him. He would even give his life to stop the war….

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