One Piece Chapter 526


Color Spread: Luffy, Zoro, and Nami are seen wearing kimonos. While Luffy, armed with swords holds off a tiger and a dragon, Zoro drinks sake and Nami looks at a frog. The picture is in the classic Japanese drawing style.


Impel Down, Entrance Hall: it seamlessly connects to the last chapter. Boa Hancock enters Impel Down, Luffy is still hidden under her cloak, Buggy has broken out of his cell using his devil power. Hannyabal then welcomes Hancock and Momonga into Impel Down. Hannyabal introduces the deputy commander of the prison guards, Domino, who explains to Hancock that she must be strip-searched in order to be let through to the prison warden Magellan’s room. This is on level 4.

On the way to the room for the strip search, Domino tells of the procedure of the new arrivals in Impel Down. They are dipped into a cauldron 100 times hotter than hell to be disinfected. This is where you can already excel and prove your toughness. For example, Ace, Jinbe and Crocodile didn’t make a face when they were dipped into the water.

Once in the room Domino explains what Hancock has to expect. She has to take off her coat, as they could be hiding all sorts of things in there, plus she is to be put in sea stone handcuffs so she can’t use her devil powers. Hancock just smiles at Domino, telling her to be careful with her, only to use her Mero-Mero powers and petrify both Domino and a Den-den Mushi. Luffy then slips out from under the cloak and explains that it was a close call. Hancock now apologizes for being useless because she can’t take him any further than here. Luffy thanks her and makes it clear that he never would have gotten this far if she hadn’t been there. Hancock still makes Luffy promise that he won’t make a fuss because he’ll never be able to escape Impel Down again if he were caught. Luffy promises and gives her his word of honor that he owes her a favor. Hancock is delighted, as Luffy pronounces her first name correctly. Luffy disappears, reminding Hancock that she has yet to resolve the petrification.

Hannyabal receives information via Den-den Mushi that Domino’s room is not currently under video surveillance. Hannyabal takes up the cause and knocks on Domino’s door, but she is just ushering out a bound Boa Hancock, reporting a successful cavity search. Luffy is above the door watching the proceedings. Hancock complains about the handcuffs, to which Hannyabal replies that it’s Impel Down’s rules now. They now head to an elevator, which conveniently takes everyone to Magellan on Level 4. Due to Hancock reading her lips incorrectly, she thinks that Luffy told her that he loves her and temporarily faints. Luffy now ponders what to do and actually has a passable idea: he uses Ace’s Vivre Card to find it.

Outside Impel Downs, a sea king is being dismembered by strange creatures. A loudspeaker announces that the Blugori have returned and that the hatch should be opened. The creatures, whose heads consist only of a painted skull, carry an axe and land in Impel Down.

The surveillance room has now located Buggy, he is on level 1. Buggy now realizes he has been spotted and takes out the Den-den Mushi that spotted him. The other prisoners taunt Buggy for not freeing them and cheer for the incoming Blugori to grab Buggy. Meanwhile, Luffy has run into a dead end. Vivre Card points downward. Hearing voices, he hides on the ceiling of the prison. This allows him to pass through a previously locked door, as some guards rush through it to grab Buggy. He thus reaches level 1, the red hallway. After a bizarre conversation with some prisoners, who reveal to him that Ace is at level 5, they beg him to free them. However, the escaping Buggy runs towards Luffy at that moment and the Blugori give chase. Luffy and Buggy make their escape together. Only now do they realize who the other is. Buggy boldly posits that Luffy only came for him. After clearing up the misunderstanding, Buggy enlightens Luffy that they would be tortured if they were caught. Luffy puts the building blocks of the experiences together and concludes that they’ve already been discovered, so his plan won’t work anyway. Buggy suggests a change of plan and they both agree that they will now start a big riot! They stop and go on the counterattack!

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