One Piece Chapter 525


The CP9 Mission Report, Part 31 – “At some point, we will definitely return”.
Rob Lucci is still talking to Spandam about the Den-den Mushi. Around him, the CP9 is having no trouble with the Navy. Captain Very Good is spread out in the hands or under the feet of CP9 members.


Impel Down, Ace’s Cell: Garp is still talking to the battered Ace, raving to him about how he always dreamed of seeing Luffy and him in the Navy. The fact that they both chose the wrong side would amount to tragedy. In passing, Garp mentions that he told Luffy about the latter’s father. Luffy was amazed that he even had one. Ace just counters that the Navy was never a possibility for him because half of his blood and half of Luffy’s blood each came from one of the worst criminals in the world. How would they be able to become Navy members with that? Further, he elaborates that he took the name “Puma” from his mother because he calls his father useless. Ace also has no memories of his father, which Garp completely understands since that is who he is. Ace then remembers Whitebeard, who took him in when he was down and out and willingly embraced him. For Ace, there is only one father in the world: Whitebeard!

Calm Belt: a pirate ship is spotted on Vice Admiral Momonga’s naval vessel. Momonga wants to know who the pirate flag belongs to, but the crew cannot immediately identify it. This being the case, Momonga concludes that the pirates are meaningless and orders them to disregard. Momonga then gives the order via Den-den Mushi that the gates are to be opened so the ship can use the shortcut to reach Impel Down. The ship with Boa Hancock and Luffy consequently sets course for Prison Island.

Grand Line, Uncharted Waters: The buggy pirate gang (with Alvida, without the buggy) sight a Sea King and summon their end should the beast look in their direction. Alvida tells them to stop whining, after all the crew spent all their money on an Eternal port for Impel Down. The howling crew confesses that they’re doing all this for the sake of their captain. Buggy sits in Impel Down! Alvida then explains that there is only the way through the Calm Belt, as the other way is only allowed for naval ships. The Calm Belt is crawling with sea monsters. She deprives the crew of any hope by elaborating that no pirate ship has ever made it to Impel Down. The crew despairs, as they must assume that their captain – just like Ace, with whom they had made friends(!) – will be executed.

Alvida insists that Impel Down is the prison that can neither be infiltrated nor broken out of. The crew is told to face the reality that Buggy the Clown’s days are coming to an end. The crew is not resigned to this. Until they find Captain John’s Treasure Island, they will not give up. Alvida explains that she claims this ship as her own, as it would be suicide to travel to the Impel Down. To the crew’s objection that this is Buggy’s ship, she counters that he is not there right now, however. The crew could take a dinghy to rescue Buggy. After much deliberation, the crew says goodbye to Buggy and mutinies! But at least they wish him a painless death and thank him for everything.

Impel Down: some prisoners are subjected to torture and beg to die. A cell is shown where the inmates ask a newcomer to give his bread to the boss of the cell. This, they say, is how it is to be done here. The newcomer revolts and a fight ensues, but it appears that a guard – a bull-like creature – violently arbitrates the fight without further ado. The newcomer is caught and taken to a solitary cell. He tries to talk his way out of it, but is not listened to.

Time jump: four and a half days have passed since Amazon Lily’s departure before the Navy ship reaches Momonga’s Impel Down. Due to headwinds, the ship is not quite on schedule. Momonga’s mood is correspondingly foul. He demands that Hancock come out of her cabin immediately to get this over with quickly. Meanwhile, Luffy looks out a cabin window at the scene before him. He is more than surprised to see more naval vessels guarding Impel Down than are present at a Buster Call. Hancock finds this quite normal and asks him to finally get under her robes.

The Vice Admiral and Hancock leave the Navy ship. He is greeted respectfully, she as always adored. She considers stoning them all for a second, but then refrains. Momonga now comes to the request she had made. She wanted to look at the reason for being called up as a samurai on her own: Portgas D. Ace! Momonga explains to her that she will only be allowed to enter Impel Down under two conditions: in sea stone handcuffs and after a catchy strip search. Luffy, hiding under Hancock’s robe, tries to adjust to the situation and come up with a plan.

Entrance hall: the vice-principal of the prison has just been told by Den-den Mushi that Buggy the clown has escaped! It is suspected that he possesses a devil’s power. At the same time, the vice-chief is told that Momonga and Hancock have arrived. He will take care of them immediately.

Outside the gate: the guards immediately open the gate to let Boa Hancock pass. There are 33 hours left until Ace’s execution!

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