One Piece Chapter 524


The CP9 Mission Report, Part 30 – This is your former subordinate Rob Lucci speaking.
Rob Lucci talks to Spandam about the Den-den Mushi.


Review of the whereabouts of each Straw Hat member:

Grand Line, Boin Archipelago: Usopp is rescued from a giant Hercules beetle by a person named Heracles. Heracles explains to him that he is in the Forest of Lurking Hunters

Grand Line, Namakura: Land of Poverty, Harahettarnia. Brook ends up in the middle of a devil’s chant, where everyone thinks he’s the devil. He asks a woman among them if he can see her panties.

East Blue, Bridge Country Tequila Wolf: Robin watches, in handcuffs, the construction of a bridge to connect several countries that has been under construction for 700 years.

Southblue, Kingdom of Torino: Chopper is chased by a bird, falls from a giant tree, and is picked up by people who want to make a stew out of him. It’s the kingdom where birds rule over humans.

Grand Line, Kuraigana, Ruins of the Shickeahru Kingdom: Perona sits outside a gloomy castle, incensed that she has no servants. She is crying and would like to return to Moria when Zoro crashes to the ground. Perona is doctoring him up.

Navy Ship with Hancock and Luffy: Hancock demands five meals a day, each of which must weigh at least 100 kilograms. As an example of not looking in her cabin, she has a sailor petrified. Luffy allows himself to be fed by Hancock, who clearly enjoys it.

Six days until the execution of Portgas D. Ace. All naval units fighting in the name of justice are mustered to Marine HQ. At the port of Marine Ford, strong Marines arrive from all over the world, including Smoker, Hina, John Giant, Admiral Aokiji, Admiral Kizaru, and Grand Admiral Sengoku.

In Mary Geoise, the five Samurai of the Seas, Donquixote Doflamingo, Blackbeard, Moria, Bartholomew Kuma [no Bible], and Hawkeye sit down to eat together and are assigned various tasks. It is unthinkable that they should go into battle for the same reasons.

Impel Down, at the same time: Garp reprimands Ace that his death wouldn’t change anything. They’ve already angered the King of the Seas.


On the panel on the last page of this chapter, in which the five aforementioned Samurai of the Seas are sitting at the table, the label on the black bottle in front of Don Flamingo, if you look at that page upside down, has ポリリズム (Polyrhythm) written on it, which is the title of a song by a well-known Japanese pop group called Perfume (Japanese band), of which Oda is a fan.

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