One Piece Chapter 523


The CP9 Mission Report, Part 29 – Spandam gets a Den-den Mushi in the ICU.
Spandam lies in a bed, completely bandaged and dislocated. A world government official approaches with a Den-den Mushi.


Amazon Lily, Kuja Palace: Boa Hancock notices the first effects of love. She gives in to Luffy’s pleas to be taken to Impel Down. Nyon then tells her that this feeling has struck down previous Kuja Empresses for not giving in to the feeling. This is why Hancock is supposed to follow Luffy. Plus, this has the side effect of her doing her job as Samurai of the Seas, protecting the island. Nyon then muses on what drives Luffy to volunteer to go to the underwater prison.

Amazon Lily, Port: Luffy’s groupies, in the form of the entire Amazon tribe, are very sorry that Luffy is leaving today. They had hoped he wouldn’t leave the island until tomorrow. The latter says goodbye again to Aphelandra, Sweet Pea and Marguerite. He promises to come back again with his crew. When asked if that would be okay, he gets the reply that they could certainly make an exception for this. Hancock then joins them, kicking away a kitten and stuffed animal on the side, and then joins Luffy. The Amazons idolize Hancock one last time, rather Luffy is happy that the “snake woman” is back with him and responded positively to his request. As Luffy continues to platonically carry on the conversation and is lectured that “snake woman” is a rude form of address, Hancock mischievously offers for him to call her by her first name. Luffy then immediately calls her Hanmock, needing to be improved upon. Luffy and Hancock board the ship, along with the Kuja pirates, and they say goodbye to Amazon Lily.

Calm Belt: Vice Admiral Momonga continues to wait for Boa Hancock to return. The latter then appears and clarifies if her request would have been honored. Momonga explains that he was somehow able to make it to make a stop at Impel Down. Momonga wonders, as Impel Down would otherwise be shunned by the Samurai of the Seas. He also continues to explain that they can’t stop for long, as time is of the essence. He then asks Hancock to come aboard. Only Hancock and her snake enter the ship. The Kuja pirates bid them farewell, and Hancock gives her sisters temporary rule of the island. In addition, Hancock lifts the petrification of the marine crew so they can see to getting the ship on course. Meanwhile, Luffy has also snuck aboard under Hancock’s cloak.

Naval Headquarters: Word arrives from Momonga that Boa Hancock has agreed to fight alongside the Navy. Fleet Admiral Sengoku seems pleased. He has now gathered six of the seven samurai to go into battle against Whitebeard. The only samurai unwilling to fight Whitebeard is currently sitting in Impel Down because he snapped. He still hasn’t calmed down and has also put his samurai status on the line. It’s Jinbe!!

A message now comes in that Kizaru has captured 500 pirates and they need the transfer papers for Impel Down. Sengoku refers the work to lower ranks, he just wants to receive messages about Whitebeard. Along the way, he inquires where Garp is. The answer that he has left for Impel Down infuriates Sengoku. He has no time for further explanation, for now another messenger arrives with the news that Whitebeard has set off! Sengoku wants to be connected with the patrol boat that delivered the message. The messenger has to confess that the message came from Whitebeard’s boat Moby Dick! All 23 patrol boats were unreachable, he said! In addition, they received news that other pirate crews from the New World were also on their way. However, with the naval ships unreachable, Sengoku realizes that they have no way of determining what the pirates are up to. Whitebeard’s first move was a success. Sengoku has the foresight to see that Impel Down could also be a target. He gives instructions to prepare for it.

Impel Down: Vice Admiral Garp visits Ace in the underwater prison Portgas D.! He finds Ace in chains, badly injured, and notes this in his speech. He also wants to know if Ace is still alive. The latter straightens his head and only realizes that Garp is talking to him.

Time jump into the past: You see the paw print of Bartholomew Kuma. An old codger who resembles a wizard asks Nami where she came from. He seems a little too pushy about it. To cheer her up, he shows her “wind knots.” Untying three wind knots creates a storm! In return, he gets some nice bumps on the forehead from Nami, who didn’t like the storm at all. Nami wants to know where she is. He explains to her that she’s on the sky island Weatheria! The island is engaged in the study of weather!

Grand Line, Snow Island: A cyberdog attacks something, whereupon it is called back by its master. The target of the attack was Franky! The latter scratches his head, while the dog’s owner wonders why Franky is unharmed. Franky wants to know how far he flew. He only now realizes that it is cold. The surrounding men offer him clothes, only it would be a bit cold in a bathing suit. Franky refuses because it would be perverted. After a Franky Dance with the dog, Franky wants to know where he is. He is told that he is in the future kingdom of Balsimore, more precisely on Karakuri.

Grand Line, “Island of Dreams” Momoiro: Only beings with the pure heart of a virgin live on this pink island. Here, Sanji takes refuge on a beach from many women, all of whom have beards. He is in the “Kamabakka Kingdom”, the land of transvestites! In his mind, he addresses a letter to Nami and Robin. He hopes they are okay. He himself is in hell!

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