One Piece Chapter 522


The CP9 Mission Report, Part 28 – You Will Not Bring Trouble to the Home Village
The marines face the menacing silhouettes of the CP9 agents. They have all activated their special abilities.


Amazon Lily, Kuja Village: Luffy parties with the Amazons and is adored by all, so he makes his escape and goes with Marguerite to old Nyon. From her, Luffy learns that Boa Hancock is one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas. 11 years ago, she became Empress of Amazon Lily and captain of the Kuja pirates. After a campaign, she received a bounty of 80,000,000 berries, after which she was offered the title of Samurai of the Seas. Nyon goes on to report the upcoming battle between the Whitebeard Gang and the Navy with The Seven Warlords of the Seas. The reason is the announcement of the public execution of Portgas D. Ace in six days.

Nyon explains to Luffy that it would take a normal ship a week to get to the underwater prison Impel Down, but a Navy ship only four days. The cause is a spiraling current in the triangle between Impel Down, Enie’s Lobby, and Marine Headquarters. At each of these locations are gates like those at Enie’s Lobby that control access. Only when the gates are opened can you leave the current.

Luffy looks at the Vivre Card he received from Ace. It is burned down to 1/10 of its original size. The card shows the owner’s direction and life force. Luffy has an internal struggle and apologizes to his crew in his mind for wanting to save Ace. Nyon forcefully points out to him the dangers of rescuing Ace. When Luffy learns of the waiting Navy ship, he goes to ask Boa Hancock if she can smuggle him onto the ship.

Amazon Lily, Palace: Arriving at the palace, they learn of an unknown disease that has affected Hancock. Nyon examines her and tells of a virus that affected both her and the two previous empresses, which caused them to die. Nyon fled the island due to this virus and was able to be cured. It is the ‘love disease’. Luffy lays out the situation surrounding Ace to Hancock and asks her to smuggle him onto the navy ship. She agrees without hesitation.

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