One Piece Chapter 520


The Straw Hat Pirates is having fun on a summer island with fruit, iced tea and a card game.


Luffy launches Gear 2, whereupon the audience is very puzzled as smoke is now coming out of his body, resulting in another fallacy about men. However, Boa Marigold and Boa Sandersonia still don’t see Luffy as a danger because he can’t control his Haoushoku.

Shortly after, Boa Sandersonia attacks Luffy with Snake Hair Demon: Yamatanoorochi. This makes her hair as hard as iron. Although she anticipates Luffy’s every move, he is able to dodge it with Soru every time. As a result, Luffy grabs her and flings her to the ground, knocking her out for a short time, much to the audience’s amazement.

Now Boa Marigold stabs again with her lance, but Luffy uses Soru again, standing behind her to attack, to which she only mockingly says that she can dodge any of his attacks. Luffy isn’t fazed, however, and attacks with Gomu Gomu no Jet Bazooka, sending Boa Marigold flying across the arena.

Boa Hancock complains to her two sisters, who apologize and turn right back to Luffy. Now Boa Marigold with Snake-Hair Demon: Salamander and Boa Sandersonia with Snake-Hair Demon: Yamatanoorochi attack, saying he can’t escape this time, to which the audience agrees. However, Luffy counters with Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling, flinging their hair back.

Boa Sandersonia is now being burned by the burning hair of Boa Marigold. The burning one shouts to her sister to flee quickly, but this doesn’t work as Luffy has knotted the tails of the two. The latter now stands triumphantly in front of the two. Boa Sandersonia now plunges into the spiked pit, but is still able to hold on, leaving her hanging between the bleachers and the arena. Suddenly Luffy comes leaping towards her and everyone thinks he’s going to kill her, but he clings over her back so no one can see the symbol on it. Boa Marigold now sees that Luffy wants to protect her.

Boa Hancock declares the fight over and has the arena evacuated, whereupon everyone flees in panic, fearing the Eye of Gorgon. Boa Sandersonia asks Luffy why he is protecting her, to which he replies that the symbol has nothing to do with the fight. Shortly after, Boa Hancock begins to cry.

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