One Piece Chapter 519


The CP9 Mission Report, Part 26 – The Next Generation Cipher Pol in the Midst of Training
In a clearing in the forest, a group of children train. In the foreground is their instructor in combat.


Luffy is standing in the arena. Boa Marigold with the Snake Fruit, model: King Cobra and Boa Sandersonia with the Snake Fruit, model: Anaconda are standing in front of him. The audience rejoices, as this power is proof that the three Gorgon sisters really did defeat the monster. Luffy correctly opines that they simply ate devil fruit. Shortly after, the crowd starts chanting for the two to kill Luffy.

Boa Hancock gives the order to attack. The two sisters are already worrying about the best way to kill him. But Luffy is more worried about the petrified women Marguerite, Sweet Pea, and Aphelandra, since they saved him. In response, Boa Sandersonia asks him if he shouldn’t worry about his life instead. Now Luffy is determined to fight to save the three of them. But the audience doesn’t take him seriously and boo him. Boa Marigold now explains that around the fighting field is a pit of spears, right between the audience and the arena.

Now she strikes with a lance, but Luffy is able to dodge. She then spits deadly poison at him, but he is able to dodge again, but he narrowly escapes the attack and almost falls into the spears. To this, Luffy now wants to attack with Gomu Gomu no Stamp, but she easily deflects this attack, which Luffy can’t make sense of. Now she hurls him across the arena with the lance. He wonders why this attack hurts so much, even though it’s made of rubber. The people in the audience now think that any man can stretch, since they only know Luffy as a man. Now Boa Sandersonia grabs him with her tail and squeezes, and Luffy often wonders why these attacks only hurt so much because he’s a rubber man. She tells him that he’s so weak because he can’t do haki. Now Luffy wants to kick with his right foot, but she sees it coming and dodges. Shortly after, Boa Sandersonia applies Heavy Slam. However, this results in Luffy being free again and now attacking with Gomu Gomu no Gatling, but she dodges with Snake Dance. Now Boa Marigold rejoins the fight and attacks Luffy with Heavy Stick. He slides down the arena and barely saves himself from falling.

Boa Hancock is now joking about Luffy, and the entire audience turns their attention to her beauty. In response, he yells an insult up at her, which infuriates her and the audience. Boa Hancock now despises him so much that she doesn’t even look at the arena anymore, but at the air. She gives the order to finally kill Luffy now.

Boa Sandersonia takes Marguerite in the tail and threatens to break her, to which Luffy protests vehemently. The latter is also trapped, namely in Boa Marigold’s tail. He says that Marguerite admires the three Gorgon sisters, but she only replies that everyone admires her and that’s why she agrees to die. Right before she hits the ground with the snake tail and Marguerite in it, Luffy yells for her to let it go, at which point half the audience faints. Luffy wonders why suddenly everyone is shocked and he is let back on the floor. The warrior women note that Luffy has mastered the Haoushoku. This is a disposition that only one in a million people have. But he can’t use it properly yet. The sisters also get scared as to why a kid like him has mastered the Haoushoku. Luffy announces that he’s getting serious now.


As Eiichiro Oda mentions it in an SBS in volume 53, he covered the cover of this chapter in grey as a tribute to his idol Akira Toriyama because he achieved the self-imposed goal of having caught up with Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball chapter count.

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