One Piece Chapter 518


The CP9 Mission Report, Part 25: Home.
The CP9 has arrived in a new land. They all rejoice and jump for joy in front of a forest with a tower peeking out of it.


Amazon Lily, Kuja Village, Snake Princess Bathroom: Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold burst into Hancock’s bathroom, horrified. They discover Luffy and want to know how a man can be on Amazon Lily. Boa Hancock’s back is quickly covered with a robe before it reveals that Luffy has seen that very back. With that, the death sentence for Luffy has been passed. The latter doesn’t understand and wants to have it explained what’s so bad about the back. However, he has a dull feeling that he would have seen that on the back before. Hancock then swears that what the sisters have on their backs must not be seen by anyone, even if the sisters have to die for it. Luffy is completely confused, sooner he can do anything else, Hancock uses her Mero-Mero powers and …. Nothing happens! Luffy fears that the effect is similar to Foxy’s, and adjusts to the fact that his movements are now slowing down. Hancock’s second attack does nothing either. The sisters are horrified, while Luffy takes the opportunity to escape from the bathhouse. While the sisters assume that his fear of death must have suppressed Luffy’s affection for Hancock, Luffy now jumps out the window and Hancock kisses her index finger, whereupon a heart appears. She then aims it at Luffy as if with a gun and shoots the heart at him. She narrowly misses Luffy, but the heart pierces his vest.

The downed Luffy is captured by the Amazon warriors waiting outside the barrier. He finds himself in the island’s battle arena, bound by two snakes. Kikyo and Marguerite are also in the audience, and consider their mission a failure. Kikyo just hopes they won’t be held accountable for it. Meanwhile, Luffy wonders why there isn’t a man in the audience.

Hancock perches on her snake, which she uses as a chair, and questions Luffy about his motives. The latter can only reply that he doesn’t know how he got here. As the conversation continues, Hancock accuses Luffy of being a liar and wants to know what his purpose here is. The latter also gets to the point relatively quickly: he would need a boat and asks for one. The Amazons are startled by Luffy’s directness and inquiring mind. Hancock promises him that he will not leave this place alive.

Marguerite now steps in and affirms that she cannot imagine Luffy lying and being a threat to the island. Hancock listens to the words and wants to know why Marguerite is defending Luffy. She says that the mere fact that he entered this island as a man leads to death. Marguerite now explains that she is defending Luffy because it is her fault that he came to the village. The Amazons are horrified by the confession. Unexpectedly, Sweet Pea and Aphelandra stand by Marguerite’s side and show themselves responsible as well! Marguerite tries to dissuade the two, however the two stand by their opinion. Meanwhile, Luffy thanks them for their support.

Boa Hancock now strides down from her snake throne and confronts those in charge. Ran and Daisy watch this anxiously. Hancock walks up to Marguerite, lifts her chin, only to petrify all three of them thanks to her love fruit! Luffy can’t believe this at first. Only by patting down the petrified does he realize the predicament Marguerite and company are in. Luffy now wants to know from Hancock what she did, after all these people saved his life. Hancock only coolly replies that they received just punishment for exactly that. She also orders Bacura to enter the arena.

Hancock now introduces the black panther Bacura, who has been carrying out executions on Amazon Lily for generations. This one also seems to be looking forward to meeting Luffy. To Luffy’s delight, the snakes that bound him disappear. The latter still seems to be focused on Hancock, but when Bacura makes an effort to attack Luffy, he knocks him out with one punch! The Amazons are completely stunned and can’t believe it. At least they notice that Luffy did this without Haki, but just with pure strength.

Luffy, for his part, is beside himself because he can’t understand why the Amazons would allow their Nakamas to be dealt with the way they did. Hancock then tells Luffy that all will be forgiven because she is beautiful. The Amazons cheer for Hancock. Luffy only counters that she is a total pain in his ass. The latter is visibly struck and can’t fathom how anyone could resist her. She sends her sisters into the arena to defeat Luffy.

They build themselves up in front of Luffy and change their shape. While the Amazons call it the Curse of Gorgon, Luffy suspects these are devil powers. He now faces them in the arena, where thousands of Amazons demand Luffy’s death.


This chapter was listed in the Weekly Shōnen Jump and accordingly in the 9th position on the TOC (Table of Content) page, i.e. the Table of Contents, which was so far the worst position since the beginning of One Piece. However, in the author comments for this issue, Eiichiro Oda mentions that there’s no need to worry about the ranking, as the reason for this is his late submission of the manuscript (this is a matter of the magazine’s printing process and not a sanction). It should be mentioned that due to a public holiday on Monday, this issue was already published on Saturday (11.10.2008) and accordingly the deadlines were brought forward.

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