One Piece Chapter 514


CP9’s mission report, part 22: “It won’t work in this town.”
The CP9 stands in front of St. Poplar. Before them lie the defeated pirates.


Sabaody Archipelago, Grove 41: Duval and the Rosy-Life … Tobiuo Riders protect the Thousand Sunny and wonder where the Straw Hats are. Duval, however, admonishes his crew that – the longer the Straw Hats’ return takes the more important – they have a job to do.

Grove 1, Auction Hall: Shalria is extremely upset that the Straw Hats have still not been captured. The marines explain to her that Admiral Kizaru is taking care of it. Shalria threatens to make the Straw Hats’ lives a living hell.

Grove 13, Shakuyaku’s Bar: Camie and Pappag tend to Hatchan and worry about Luffy & Co. Hatchan reassures them as he assures them they are very strong. Shacky now interjects that they are facing an admiral. She uses a metaphor to paraphrase that the Straw Hats can’t lose if they don’t want to perish (Metaphor: The seas from here on are rough and dark. There is a wave of hitherto unseen size coming towards them, which they must conquer).

Scene change: Luffy has regained consciousness and is still flying in the clouds. He cries out for his friends, but can’t control the flight. He curses Bartholomew Kuma. So a night passes, then he crashes to the ground and lands on an island. There is a huge paw print underneath him. So he survives the fall not because of his rubber skills, but because of the care of Bear’s devil power.

Luffy looks around and realizes that he has landed in a jungle. However, he doesn’t know where he is. He thinks about how to get back to the archipelago and in a flash of inspiration, remembers Rayleigh’s Vivre Card! He digs it out and follows her instructions. Before he can do so, however, he realizes that there is a monster boar behind him, and flees from it first. While fleeing, he recaps what happened and that he couldn’t save a single friend.

He runs into a dead end, but since the Vivre Card says to keep going straight, he shatters most of the rock in front of him with the Gigant Pistol. He himself just notes unhappily that he’s still powerless. The monster boar, on the other hand, is deeply impressed. Chibi-Luffy then calls for Sanji and food.

a short time later: Luffy is satiated, the boar consists only of bones. For dessert, Luffy treats himself to a salmon mushroom. Having acquired a taste for it, he looks for some more mushrooms and tries his way through half the jungle.

Scene change: a plump middle-aged woman (clothed only at the intimate parts) calls for “Marguerite”. She then appears. The chubby woman has found Luffy, who is completely overgrown with mushrooms. The two women can just about agree that this is a human. Whether he is from their own village, they cannot say. What they can say, however, is that the person from the mushroom-sprouting-from-the-body must have eaten mushrooms. Marguerite states that she (Marguerite seems to think Luffy is a woman) will die if not treated. She commissions Aphelandra – a giant woman – to take her away.

Once in the village, all the women look at Luffy and think he is a woman. He is still overgrown with the mushrooms. A cure is quickly found: all the mushrooms must be picked off. The roots left on the body must be treated with fire until all remnants of the mushrooms are gone. Belladonna – the woman who knew the treatment for the mushroom – sets Luffy on fire. The latter cries out, but then loses consciousness again. The terrible injuries of the fight become visible. Marguerite is advised by Belladonna to go wash Luffy.

Marguerite and Sweet Pea – the chubby woman who found Luffy – now wash Luffy. Sweet Pea discovers one last mushroom that looks a little different from the others. It’s sitting between Luffy’s legs. Marguerite wonders a bit about Luffy’s unusual body. The other women also find Luffy a little flat-chested and too angular. Meanwhile, Sweet Pea wants to pull off the last mushroom. But this one cannot be pulled off.

The village elder Nyon now shows up and realizes that Luffy is a man! The other women are horrified and Marguerite has never seen a man before.

Luffy has landed on “Amazon Lily”, the island of women. This is an island inhabited by the Kuja – a warlike tribe of women (Amazons). An island no one ever dreamed of and one you should never set foot on if you value your own life!

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