One Piece Chapter 510


CP9’s Mission Report, Part 18: “Candy Pirates Arrives at St. Poplar Harbor.”
A gang of pirates has appeared on the island. The members of the gang are harassing the townspeople, and the captain is threatening a mother and her daughter with his sword.


Kizaru goes down hit by the blast. Apoo is very sure of his victory over the admiral. X. Drake, Hawkins, and Bartholomew Kuma watch all this with serious expressions. Apoo feels that Kizaru would not be worthy of being called the Navy’s ultimate weapon if he could be defeated so easily. Kizaru lies blown to pieces on the ground. Apoo wants to leave, since he’s seen a lot of cool stuff and now it’s time for him to leave.

Suddenly, Kizaru’s severed legs straighten and the rest of his body begins to reassemble in small particles. As Kizaru is completely reassembled, he counters that this came as a great surprise. He looks up at Apoo, and sends him a beam of light reflecting off some of the windows of the surrounding buildings. This light shines so brightly that Apoo is blinded for a moment. Kizaru takes advantage of this moment, and almost instantly he is on top of Apoo, sending him towards the ground with an extremely hard kick, where Apoo shatters an entire building upon impact.

The scene switches to Drake, who can barely make out what’s going on. Before he even realizes it, Kizaru is on him, giving him a kick just like Apoo did before, which also hits Drake extremely hard, throwing him through a building.

Hawkins, who can’t help but be amazed, had to witness what happened to Apoo and Drake. Kizaru points two glowing fingers at him, and before Hawkins knows it, he is pierced by an arrow of light. He goes down badly hit and bleeding. As Kizaru is about to finish Hawkins off, his Den-den Mushi rings.

He first tries to speak into his listening slug again, but then still realizes that another teleslug has rung. The caller is Sentomaru. He jams Kizaru up a bit at first, asking him why he hasn’t called in and if he’d even arrived yet. Kizaru answers in the affirmative, and tells him that he didn’t really get along with the eavesdropper. Sentomaru tells him who the wrongdoers are that he needs to take care of, these are Trafalgar Law, Eustass Kid, and Straw Hat Luffy. However, Kizaru doesn’t know yet who he should take care of first.

Grove 12: The Straw Hats are facing one of the Bartholomew Kumas. Zoro is lying injured on the ground, Sanji and Luffy are facing Bear. Luffy, however, is worried about Zoro. Sanji ponders if he is still bothered by the wounds inflicted on him by the real Bear on Thriller Bark.

Chopper now goes on the offensive and attacks the samurai with the Cherry Blossom Rose Hammer. A veritable hail of punches hits Bear directly, but these leave him unimpressed. He goes to use his laser on Chopper, but Franky is able to deflect it with a punch to Chopper’s arm.

Now Franky covers Bear with a hail of punches, which only ends with a solid blow to Franky, while Bear continues to be unharmed. Robin uses her devil power to catch Franky with a net from her hands.

Then Brook attacks from far above with the Swallow Bond en Avant, but this attack doesn’t show the expected effect at all, only Bear’s clothes take damage, but he himself doesn’t feel anything. He now wants to destroy Brook with a beam from his mouth, but Usopp spares Brook this fate by attacking with some explosive bullets. After this attack, Chopper notices that something is wrong with Bartholomew Kuma. Usopp hopes that he was able to take him out, but Franky explains that one of Usopp’s explosions had hit Bear’s mouth, seemingly damaging him. He theorizes that there might be a living person under all that steel after all.

Nami, who now wants to attack, is warned by Sanji that Bear would have seen her, he opens his mouth again and gets ready to fire his laser. But this time Robin prevents him from doing so, she makes four big arms out of countless small ones and hits him on the head with them, so his beam gets stuck in his throat, so to speak, because the pressure causes his mouth to close and his head to explode. Usopp is once again ecstatic that her opponent should probably finally be done with this, but he’s still intact and takes another direct hit from Nami. Her Thunder Lance speed pierces Bear, and a lot of smoke comes out of his mouth. It looks like that actually damaged him a bit.

However, Bartholomew Kuma gets back up and shoots beams from his hands seemingly uncontrollably, but they don’t hit anyone. Sanji is now ready to attack, he uses the same technique he used to defeat Jabra and gives him a Diable Jambe Flambage Shot. This sends the Pacifista flying in Zoro’s direction, and he gets Zoro’s Nine Swords style off. Ashura hits him squarely and Bear is now bleeding a bit as well.

Luffy jumps down from the top of a mangrove and gives it the final blow in Gear 3 with Gomu Gomu no Gigant-Rifle.

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