One Piece Chapter 509


The CP9 Mission Report, Part 17: “Shaking in the City.”
Bowling Hall: While Jabra polishes his bowling ball and prepares for his throw, Blueno takes note of the score. Suddenly, there seems to be some kind of commotion going on in the city, which Blueno notices.


Grove 2: Brook, Usopp and Franky take to their heels and flee from a laser beam from the Pacifista. This one is steaming out of its mouth. Usopp analyzes that the clone can fire from its hands as well as its mouth. Brook is simply horrified, while Franky is surprised. They conclude the analysis by saying that it must be a “Beam”. However, this is not possible, but rather a weapon from Fairyland. Brook, meanwhile, plays dead for once, just to be on the safe side.

The trio of monsters now charge at the clone and use a combo attack. The Mouton Jet 600 pound cannon hits dead on, sending the Pacifista through a building wall first. While Chopper and Nami rejoice and hope that Bartholomew Kuma is already done for, Robin points out that this is a samurai of the seas. He shouldn’t be defeated after one blow.

Zoro then tells Luffy that the real bear would move much faster and could counter their attacks. Luffy suspects a twin, Sanji thinks this is possible. Together they come to the conclusion that if this Pacifista is just a fake, there would have to be several such models. This, in turn, presents a problem.

Grove 24: Urouge fights with another Pacifista. He has grown to its size and hits with a punch combo called “Inga Zarashi”. He hits the Pacifista four times and sends him into a building wall as well. Hawkins marvels at the power upgrade from Urouge. However, this one is hit by a lightning bolt through the left shoulder! The Pacifista had fired this at him via handbeam.

Drake Diez notes in amazement that this is actually Kizaru’s laser, and ponders if Dr. Vegapunk had already developed the Pacifista to the point where he could implant Kizaru’s powers into it. The surrounding pirates realize that even three pirates with over 100 million berry bounties can’t stand up to a samurai and an admiral. They flee.

Kizaru then addresses Drake directly. The latter is of course known to him as a former rear admiral of the navy. Kizaru then invites Drake to take part in the fight and not just watch, even if this might be connected with pain. While Kizaru is still making it clear to him that some people (including Kizaru himself) might attack him if he’s not careful, the Pacifista is already lunging. Diez blocks the blow by activating his devil powers!

Apoo, who still thinks he’s safe on the roof of a house, marvels at the ancient zoan fruit. It is a dinosaur fruit. Which model Drake has is not entirely apparent. Drake bites the Pacifista in the head. However, the latter fights back with another laser from his hands, hitting Drake in the chest area as well. Drake transforms back into his human form and is surprised to see blood coming out of the Pacifista. Urouge has already considered this surprising as well, but now makes the mistake of turning away from Kizaru. The latter sends him into the next building with a light kick.

Hawkins now unleashes his full devil power and transforms into a giant straw man. Kizaru notes that he considers all supernovae to be monsters and terrifying. However, he easily dodges and blinds Hawkins’ attack! While Kizaru has yet to fathom exactly what powers Hawkins possesses, it is clear to him that they are not Logia powers. Thus, he uses his finger and sends a beam at Hawkins. Kizaru congratulates Hawkins for getting this far, and then goes to kick him when he hears sounds and wonders who it is.

Apoo stands on the house and drums on his head, then on his chest and finally he contorts his face with the help of his right hand. All these movements create musical sounds. Now he pushes back a tooth in his mouth, which seems to function like a piano key. His left forearm becomes a trumpet and Apoo blows an attack tune. Drake and Hawkins look in amazement at Apoo, who addresses Kizaru directly. With a “Scratch Shan” Apoo has Kizaru’s right hand severed, with a chest thump and an exclamation of “Don” the Admiral explodes!

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