One Piece Chapter 508


The CP9 Mission Report, Part 16 “Everyone has fun bowling”.
All CP9 agents are staying at a bowling alley and having a lot of fun. It’s Kalifa’s turn, but she seems to have overdone it a bit, as her throw ends in an explosion.


Capone “Gang” Bege’s crew seems ready for battle. They get cannons ready to fire, open a drawbridge, and a small band of cavalry gets ready to charge. But you can now see that this is all happening inside Capone’s body. There seems to be something of a fortress inside his body and his crew lives inside it. The marines who have surrounded him can’t believe that little doors have opened on Capone’s body, and now mini-guns are pointing at them. The cannons fire tiny bullets at first, but as they cross a seemingly invisible threshold, they take on normal size, and before the marines understand what is going on, they are taken out by the explosions. The remaining soldiers now get to deal with the mini-cavalry, but they also abruptly grow in size, taking on the remaining soldiers. Capone again points out that their military strength simply couldn’t match his.

The scene changes to Grove 27, where pirates shout in panic that Kizaru has arrived and that, to make matters worse, one of the Seven Samurai has also appeared. The question of which of them it is remains unanswered.

On Grove 24, Urouge and Bartholomew Kuma are facing each other. Urouge seems to have already taken some damage, as he is bleeding slightly. He asks Bear if he could just let him pass peacefully by Marine HQ.

Elsewhere on Grove 24, Basil Hawkins is apparently laying his cards straight. He realizes that he will be outnumbered 100% in a fight, an escape will be 12% successful, and the chance of avoiding the fight is 76%. Kizaru repeats the question about his subordinate Sentomaru again. Hawkins now realizes there is still 0% chance he will die, and then replies to Kizaru that he does not know a man by that name, and Kizaru should ask someone else about him. Kizaru now tells Hawkins that if he couldn’t find him, he’d be bored, and if he was bored, he couldn’t let a wanted man with such a high bounty just sit around. He tells Hawkins that speed is weight, then asks if he’s ever been kicked with the speed of light. Without waiting for an answer, Hawkins gets a kick off and is slammed through a wall.

On Grove 27, a pirate is hit by something and keels over bleeding heavily. The surrounding pirates can’t explain it either.

Back at Grove 24, Apoo is still watching Admiral Kizaru. He wonders if Kizaru would “do it” again, there is a flash of light on Kizaru’s finger and a wall explodes.

At the port, another pirate is hit by something and goes down with severe burns.

In front of Kizaru, a figure emerges from the dust and debris of a shattered wall. It is Basil Hawkins. He seems to have survived the kick well, and tells Kizaru that he far exceeded his expectations. Two dolls emerge from Hawkins’ arm, both of which appear to be badly damaged. Their damage has the same characteristics as the two pirates who got hit at the docks. Hawkins seems to be performing some sort of voodoo spell with them to release damage sustained to others.

Suddenly, Urouge lands next to Hawkins. All he can say is that Bartholomew Kuma has incredible strength, then he recognizes Kizaru in front of him and immediately begins to lament that this day would be his end. One of the Seven Samurai is in front of him, he says, with an admiral of the navy behind him. To this, however, Hawkins only says that he would not see the shadow of death over Urouge. That’s when X. Drake kicks Bear, whereupon he is immediately addressed by Kizaru as Rear Admiral Drake. Drake didn’t expect to run into an admiral right away either. Now Urouge wants to get serious, growing into a mountain of muscle about twice as big as he was before, and says that he must be getting things right now.

Apoo gets more and more amazed and says to his men that it was good to have stayed, because this would surely be a fantastic and exciting fight.

On Grove 12 you finally see the shadow that appeared before the Straw Hats, it’s another Bartholomew Kuma. With that, there are apparently three on the island at the same time. He attacks Luffy with a shockwave, which Luffy manages to dodge. Of course, Luffy and Chopper think this is super cool and admire Bear for it, however Usopp thinks this is not the time to admire the enemy. The Straw Hats get ready to fight and Luffy realizes that their opponent was the one who tried to take them out back on Thriller Bark. Franky now attacks him with the Coup de Vent, hitting him directly. With this he wanted to pay him back for what he had done to them on the Thriller Bark. By the time Bartholomew Kuma has recovered from this, Luffy is already in Gear 2. Luffy states the reason for this is that he knows Bear is strong and so Luffy would give it his all right from the start. Zoro notes in his mind that this is different from the one he faced on Thriller Bark, but he dismisses this as a figment of his imagination.

On Grove 36 we see the mysterious man with the giant axe again. He thinks that his superior, Kizaru, would be late and that he should be on the island by now. He further opines that if he didn’t hurry, there would be nothing left and everyone of them would lose. Is it Sentomaru that Kizaru is looking for? And whose defeat is he referring to?

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