One Piece Chapter 504


The CP9 Mission Report, Part 13: “Waiting in Shopping”. Four members of CP9 are sitting in a café. Owl and Kaku are having a drink while Jabra is enjoying an ice cream sundae. Blueno is reading the newspaper.


Sabaody Archipelago, Outlaw District: news of Luffy’s attack on Saint Charlos makes the rounds. Capone Gang Bege reports it to his crew, who stare at him in horror. Likewise, Capone mentions that Eustass Captain Kid and Trafalgar Law are also present in the auction hall. Capone gives the order to get ready to leave for Fish-Man Island and inquires if the sheathing has been completed yet. It has been since yesterday. Capone does not want to run into an admiral under any circumstances.

Jewelry Bonney also notes that Zoro’s captain must be even more of an idiot than Zoro himself and threatens them that yes, they should not meet in the New World.

Urouge just grins and confirms that the Straw Hat Pirates is a small, dangerous crew.

X. Drake and Apoo also want to leave, while Basil Hawkins is sure that his crew will not fall today.

Mary Geoise: Grand Admiral Sengoku is briefed regarding the situation on the archipelago. After a brief conversation, Admiral Kizaru (Admiral Kizaru) himself decides that he will take care of it. Likewise, he promises that the matter will not take long.

Sabaody Archipelago, Grove 1, Backstage: Mr. Disko sits in panic in front of a Den-den Mushi and asks for help in his turn. He talks to the owner of the human trafficking auction house: Donquixote Doflamingo! But he has no interest in showing up on the archipelago, swears off human trafficking and gives Disko the auction house as a gift, because human trafficking is no longer “en vogue”. Disko is horrified and fears additional trouble coming his way from Rosward’s family. Doflamingo now tells Disko that the new era is coming soon because the Samurai of the Seas have been called together to fight the Whitebeard pirate gang!

Outside the auction hall: the marines keep the World Nobles from entering the building as one prepares to storm the auction house. It is reported to the lead officer that Admiral Kizaru is on his way and that he is bringing special “troops”, which leaves the officer astonished.

Pappag, Chopper and Brook warn Rayleigh not to unbuckle Camie’s collar just like that. This is dangerous, they say, and will result in detonation. Rayleigh just advises Camie to hold still and unfastens the collar, which starts making noises. Rayleigh throws the collar away, which then explodes as well. Camie is free, while Franky just comes from backstage with all the keys. The Straw Hat Pirates admires Rayleigh, who had used his bare hands to release the collar. Franky then tosses the keys to the other prisoners, who are able to break free.

The Straw Hats are now wondering how Rayleigh did all this. Hatchan says that this is “Haki” but doesn’t know anything else about it either. Rayleigh now addresses the Straw Hats, Law and the Kid. Since they all survived the “Spiritburst”, they can’t be amateurs, after all. Kid then identifies Rayleigh as well and asks what a legend like him would be doing here. Rayleigh replies that he would only be known here as “Jacket Ray” and that his real name shouldn’t be used carelessly. Rayleigh thanks the Straw Hats for saving Hatchan’s life and puts off talking to Luffy until later. First, they should worry about getting out of this situation healthy.

Outside the hall: via loudspeaker the pirates are asked to release Rosward and his family. It is also mentioned that an admiral is approaching.

Kid and Law realize that Luffy put them in this situation as well. The Kid just thinks that Luffy really is as crazy as they hear everywhere. Rayleigh notes that he won’t be using his powers anymore because no one should notice who he really is. It would now be up to the supernovae themselves. The Kid comes off as arrogant, stating that his crew will already take care of the Marine. He doesn’t want the others to worry. Law and Luffy don’t seem to like this at all.

The navy watches the entrance of the hall and spots the pirates coming out. They realize that they are three captains with large bounties on their heads. Luffy doesn’t want the others’ help, while Law Kid threatens to take him out first if he wants to figure this one out on his own.

Nami thinks all three captains are simple-minded. Usopp wants to come up with an escape plan, while Sanji and Zoro are eager to get out the door as well. Rayleigh then tells Zoro to have the Straw Hats meet him at Grove 13. Zoro confirms this. Luckily, Usopp is nearby, who also picks up on the information. The giant also wants to save his fellow prisoners, saying that he is in debt to Rayleigh and the Straw Hats.

In front of the auction house, the pirates are now being shot at with bazookas. Luffy blocks the cannonball with a gum-gum balloon, while the Kid uses Repel to send it back at the Marine soldiers. Law forms a circle around himself, the cannonball, and a soldier, then swaps the soldier’s head with the cannonball via “Room Shambles”! The commanding officer realizes that cannons have no effect on the three because they all ate devil fruit.

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