One Piece Chapter 503


Color Spread: The Straw Hat Pirates celebrates with some crickets in a mushroom world.


Auction Hall at Grove 1: Saint Charlos is knocked to the ground by Luffy’s blow. The aristocrats are shocked, while Trafalgar Law sits nonchalantly in his seat, unperturbed. The Kid seems amused by the scenario. Luffy then apologizes to his crew for probably calling a Navy admiral to the archipelago by his actions. Zoro slides his sword back into its sheath and is annoyed because he wanted to slash Saint Charlos himself.

Nami takes care of Hatchan while the others come up with a plan on how to proceed most effectively. Backstage, the key to Camie’s explosion collar is to be found. Chopper is doctoring Hatchan. Pappag is still deeply touched by the use of the straw hats.

Rosward and Shalria are horrified and concerned about Charlos’ well-being. Rosward now wants to shoot Luffy, but Sanji kicks the gun out of his hand. While Sanji’s foot still gets in many a face, Franky makes a run for it backstage. Meanwhile, there are calls for more bodyguards. Zoro and Franky strike out as well. Meanwhile, Luffy is still beside himself, telling those present that Camie is not an item that can be easily disposed of. Rosward then arranges for an admiral to be summoned along with battleships. The previous visitors to the auction now abruptly leave the traffickers’ hall.

Zoro cuts through Camie’s water prison as Hatchan tells her to wait right there for the others. Camie is overjoyed.

Above the Auction Hall: the last of the Tobiuo Riders have arrived and fly straight into it through the roof of the hall. Brook (by his light body weight) and Robin (with Cien Fleurs, Wing) willingly dismount themselves and rush into the flared battle. Usopp is simply pushed down by his Tobiuo Rider.

In the hall, Disko orders the guards to protect the mermaid, after all she has been sold for 500 million berries. The falling Usopp now lands right on top of Rosward, knocking him out, while Shalria calls for her father in horror. Usopp half-heartedly apologizes, while the guards remark that these pirates never know when to stop.

Luffy is pleased to notice that Brook, Usopp and Robin have arrived. Brook apologizes for being late. Usopp inquires about Camie. Luffy points to the water ball while telling him that they will leave the hall as soon as possible once they remove the collar from Camie’s neck. The navy and an admiral would be on their way to Grove 1.

Trafalgar Law then tells Luffy that the navy is already there. Luffy asks him who he is and what’s up with the bear behind him. Law, however, just continues unperturbed in his account and conveys that the navy has been there since the auction began.

Outside the auction house, the marines get into position.

Law goes on to explain to Luffy that the Navy can’t be here because of the Tenryuubito incident, as there would have been no indication that the Tenryuubito would be in trouble. So the reason must be something else. Robin, meanwhile, recognizes Trafalgar Law and tells Luffy that he too is a pirate. Luffy, however, mostly wants to know if the bear is also a pirate.

Meanwhile, Disko negotiates with Shalria that the 500 million berry would still have to be paid. However, the latter just wants to kill Camie after what happened. She pulls out a gun and points it at Camie, while Usopp, Zoro and Robin get ready to stop Shalria. However, the latter collapses abruptly.

Rayleigh makes small talk with the trapped giant. He has stolen the box office and now wants to go gamble away the stolen money. Silvers now realizes that everyone is staring at him and the giant. The guards are puzzled as to how the two could just escape like that. After a moment’s thought, they think that they were not prepared for capturing a giant. Hatchan, who continues to be treated by Chopper, now recognizes Rayleigh.

Rayleigh himself now recognizes Hatchan and wants to know why he is surprised. After a thorough look at the scenario, he doesn’t need any more explanation, but concludes that Hatchan got himself into a dicey situation and the Straw Hats saved him. Rayleigh now unleashes his aura, defeating all the guards in the hall! Sanji and Zoro are impressed. Rayleigh now recognizes the straw hat and says that it would fit someone like Luffy very well. At the same time, he opens up that he really wants to talk to Luffy.

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