One Piece Chapter 496


CP 9’s mission report, part 6: With no money for medicine, they arrive on the island of Spring Queen St. Poplar.


Hatchan throws a takoyaki party on his ship and the Straw Hat Pirates gets to eat as much as they can. Even Nami says the takoyakis are good, though she continues to not forgive Hatchan.

Duval stops by to thank Sanji for the new look and offers to help the Straw Hat Pirates. Duval tries to flirt with Nami, but fails, and gets on Sanji and Usopp’s nerves. Afterwards, he takes his leave.

The feast is over and everyone is full, Hatchan and Pappag are on the floor and Camie is cleaning up. Afterwards, the Straw Hat Pirates invite them to tea on the Thousand Sunny and Pappag explains the two procedures for crossing the Redline. One is the journey through the Holy Land of Mary Geoise, where you have to leave your ship behind, and the journey below the Redline through Fish-Man Island. For this dive, the ship must be sheathed with special resin.

The Straw Hat Pirates arrives at the Sabaody Archipelago and admires the many bubbles and Yalkiman mangroves. They head deeper into the archipelago and anchor at Grove 41.

Luffy plays with the bubbles and climbs up on them, discovering Sabaody Park in the process. Meanwhile, Hatchan informs the others about the ship’s cloak. Afterwards, he makes them promise not to attack a world aristocrat in the city.

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