One Piece Chapter 492


The CP 9 Mission Report, Part 2: Air Door
On Enie’s lobby, Blueno steps out of an Air Door with the unconscious Lucci on his shoulder. Owl and Kalifa can also be seen in the background.


Grand Line, Thousand Sunny: The Tobiuo Riders have disappeared again, apparently having been ordered to retreat. Luffy is excited, he also wants to ride one of these later, which can stay in the air for five minutes. They decide to bring the cannon on deck to be ready for an upcoming fight.

East of the Sabaody Archipelago, Tobiuo Riders base: The two recalled attackers complain that they could have defeated the pirates themselves. Iron Mask Duval shoots them with a harpoon gun. The pirates are his, he has waited a long time for them. He becomes enraged, lapsing into a rural dialect. There’s someone on the Thousand Sunny that Duval wants revenge on, and that’s why everyone has to stick to his plan. He calls the Makro Gang to him, consisting of Makro, the boss, Gyaro, and Tansui. They delivered Hatchan to him, through which the Straw Hat Pirates is lured. Hatchan is surprised to hear from Straw Hat just now, and worries about Camie if she was captured by the gang. The Tobiuo Riders think she probably wasn’t a prisoner, but that doesn’t matter since they capture everyone and sell them to the Human Shop. Hatchan doubts this, knowing the strength of the Straw Hats, but rather fears Nami’s reaction to him. He wants to avoid a confrontation, but can’t escape because he’s tied up. The lookout informs Duval of the sighting of the Thousand Sunny and the person he is looking for is said to be on board.

Thousand Sunny: You approach the Tobiuo Riders’ semi-circular base. Camie warns them, as only the Macro Gang has caught them 30 times. The ship enters the base, Camie and Pappag loudly greet Hatchan, who is hanging in a cage in the middle of the base. The latter panics when he sees the flag and turns Hatchan-Black on himself. He hopes fully covered in black ink not to be recognized. There is no movement on the base and everyone except Camie and Pappag realize it’s a trap. They greet Hatchan, who looks familiar to some of the straw hats.

When Sanji asks him about Arlong, he replies that Arlong, Kiss, and Hatchan are still prisoners of the Navy, betraying himself. Usopp explains to the newer members about what happened in Nami’s village. Luffy doesn’t want to free Hatchan anymore, unless the Takoyakis are really really tasty. With the Straw Hats still undecided, Camie jumps into the sea with Pappag at the drop of a hat to rescue Hatchan, but the Macro Gang immediately takes advantage and captures her as well. Nami gives permission to free Hatchan as well as the two of them, since he’s a nice guy at heart. Underwater, the Tobiuo Riders wait for Duval’s order. Luffy snatches Camie and Pappag from the macro gang above. Zoro is to free Hatchan when Duval gives the order to attack. Delighted, the Straw Hat Pirates gets ready for battle.

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