One Piece Chapter 491


The CP 9 mission report, part 1: No survivors on the island.
You can see the completely destroyed Enies lobby.


Grand Line, Thousand Sunny: Sanji is charmed by the mermaid Camie. She is different from Grandma Kokoro exactly as he imagines. Pappag is trying to get the attention. He is Camie’s pet and teacher, a talking starfish. He likes to eat clams. He introduces himself with a song, but again the others don’t pay attention to him. Pappag can talk because as a child he thought he was human and by the time he discovered his true nature he could speak. He is a designer for the brand Criminal. Before they ask Camie about the course, Luffy wants to learn more about the Takoyaki. To do so, they need to meet Hatchan, whom Camie summons via Den-den Mushi. Instead of Hatchan, however, Makro of the Makro Gang answers. They have captured Hatchan with the help of the Tobiuo Riders and will now sell him. Hatchan briefly answers and warns Camie not to help him or she will be captured as well. Makro tells her the location of the Tobiuo Riders’ base, it is five kilometers east of Mangrove 44 of the Sabaody Archipelago. If she wants to see Hatchan again, she should come. Makro hangs up and Nami is thoughtful, Hatchan’s voice sounded familiar. The Straw Hat Pirates wants to help Camie free Hatchan if she tells them how to get to Fish-Man Island.

Pappag explains, Mangrove 44 is the easternmost island in the archipelago and you are right on the way to the Tobiuo Riders’ base if you sail further west. All you have to do is ask the fish. Camie stands at the railing and calls out to the fish, who appear shortly after. In the language of the fish, she asks for directions. The fish will show them the way, but will only swim along until just before the base, fearing the fly fish. They form an arrow on the water and Usopp turns the rudder to four o’clock. Pappag wants to know if the Straw Hat Pirates is strong, because there are many gangs trafficking in the waters around the Sabaody Archipelago and they are correspondingly strong. The macro gang is always after Camie because mermaids fetch high prices. Hatchan must have assumed that Camie and Pappag were kidnapped when they were swallowed by the sea monster and set out to find the Makro Gang. If they hadn’t been working with the Tobiuo Riders, Hatchan probably would have defeated them. The Tobiuo Riders just got into human trafficking some time ago. Their boss, Iron Mask Duval, always wears a mask. No one has been able to see his face yet. He is said to be looking for someone, so he searches every ship that passes through the passage. The Sunny sails on as the fish suddenly flee. The Tobiuo Riders have arrived. Approaching from the air, three Fly Fish with Riders bombard the ship on the first approach, but Zoro is able to intercept the bullets before they do. The fly fish are able to stay in the air for five minutes. Meanwhile, the Tobiuo Riders are happy because their boss Duval will be happy to see the Straw Hat Pirates.

Base Tobiuo Riders: Duval crushes a glass and rejoices. He has received word of the appearance of the Straw Hat Pirates. He has been waiting for this gang and the man who destroyed his life for a long time.

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